3 Original Gifts For Active and Athletic Moms

Moms work hard to take care of the home and to make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of. Their work is 24 hours a day without any holidays in between. That is why when a mom finds time to be active and to work out she needs to be applauded because that is not easy.

Active moms though have the right idea because this is where they find their self-care time. By introducing exercise into their daily routine they find a way to de-stress and build up energy to help through the day with all the things they need to do. They also handle stress better. With everything that moms do sometimes it is hard finding them the right gift that perfectly suits them.

But here are some great original ideas for Active Moms:

Fitbit Watch

This gift any mum would appreciate because it comes in handy in all kinds of ways. It is as good at multitasking just like she is. With a Fitbit it helps keep mom on track with all her workouts, it lets her know how many steps she has done even when on the go running her errands. As long as it is on her wrist, it will even let her know if she is getting enough sleep. It measures heart rate. A Fitbit watch can come with different workout programs that mom can follow as she goes through her day and it keeps track of her progress. The Fitbit is nice and slim and mom will not even notice it is there because it does not get in the way of doing household chores, and best of all it also tells the time so it will keep her on time.

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bundle

These Epsom salts may seem like an odd gift but they are just perfect for mom. They are perfect for the end of a workout or the end of a long day. They are added to the bath for soaking. If mom’s muscles are aching after a hectic workout session these work wonders. They ease the tension in the muscles which can be very relaxing. They come in three scents which are Eucalyptus and Spearmint, Lavender and Rosemary, and Mint. Even if there was no workout on that day just to relax and unwind in these salts can lead to a beautiful restful sleep.

Carry Onwards Mat for Travel

If mom is into yoga then you know that she does not want to miss out on her Zen time no matter where she goes. So this travel yoga mat that you get from Lululemon will be much appreciated. You will be gifting her a chance to unwind and do her yoga workout wherever she goes. She can carry it on her travels or even when she is off to the park for some meditation and mommy time. It is light and fits anywhere.  If you would like to add on to that, you can get a yoga workout kit also from Lululemon just to complete the set. You can get some great deals using Lululemon Coupons which will save you a lot.

Mom’s do a lot for their families and deserve to be treated here and there with things they enjoy. Fitness moms would appreciate anything that will make their self-care time better and more fulfilling. You can also rely on Slickdeals for great discounts and savings, just go onto Slickdeals.net or download their app.

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