5 Fascinating Facts to Know About the Sense of Smell

Smell plays a deeper and more significant role in our lives than you think. Read on to learn the most interesting facts about the sense of smell here.

Nearly a quarter of Americans over 40 have some kind of alteration to their sense of smell, and that can have bigger effects than you might think. The truth is, our sense of smell plays a far more significant role in our lives than it might seem.

But what are some of the most important things we should know about this often-overlooked sense? How can having no sense of smell affect you? And how does a heightened sense of smell affect your life?

Stay right there and keep reading for our 5 fascinating facts about the sense of smell!

  1. Smell is the Oldest of the Senses

Yep, you read that right. You might not think your senses have an ‘age’ in that sense, but it turns out that your olfactory senses predate your others by quite some way.

The ability to detect chemicals through smell or taste is common among almost every animal on planet Earth. Even when life had just crawled out of the ocean, it had the ability to detect those chemicals.

  1. Viruses Can Mess With Your Sense of Smell

As we probably all know since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, illnesses can rewire our ability to detect scents. It’s not the only illness that can mess up our noses, though. Even the common cold is able to wreak havoc on our nostrils and our ability to detect our latest hot fragrance from aromatechscent.com

Even more weird? We don’t actually know quite how this happens!

  1. Women Have Better Smell than Men

The next time your partner claims to have better taste than you, well, they might literally be correct. Studies have shown that women have a sharper ability to detect things with their nose than men do. The reasons aren’t certain, but might have to do with the fact that women have a more highly developed region of the brain that deals with smell.

  1. We All Smell Different

Next time you commit a daring heist, you might be caught based on forensic… smell evidence? That’s right, every person has a unique scent profile, just like DNA or fingerprints.

So wear deodorant the next time you crack a vault!

  1. Human Beings Can Detect Around a Trillion Different Smells

That’s right, our noses are so fine-tuned we can distinguish between a truly baffling range of smells. Anything from your family mac and cheese recipe to emotions like fear and disgust are distinguishable to the human snout. Pretty incredible, right?

Your Sense of Smell Is a Fascinating Thing

And those are top 5 facts about the human sense of smell. We often forget about it, but it turns out our noses are pretty hyper-capable little devices. Whether we’re teasing out emotions, sensing danger, or just lusting after dinner, our noses are there to back us up.

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