5 Things To Look For When Choosing Trade Show Exhibit Companies

Did you know that 80% of businesses will increase their budget for live events in the following year? This increasing number should leave you thinking about your own live events and budgeting. 

More specifically, trade show exhibits and booths. These easy marketing events are the fastest way to recruit new clients. So if you want to learn about trade show exhibit companies and how they work, keep reading!

What Are Trade Show Exhibits?

If you’re a new or growing company, you might not be as familiar with a trade show and how they work. The purpose of these events is to get the best industry professionals in one place and market their products to clients. You can think about it as a convention!

For example, if you’re a window manufacturing company, a home renovation trade show exhibit will be your best bet. But in order to garner more attractions from clients, you’ll need to have the best trade show booth!

This means having an organized and considerate booth that shows your work! But not every trade show provider can execute a perfect booth.

  1. Do In-Person Research by Attending a Trade Show

Going to a trade show where you are not participating can actually be very beneficial. By doing so, you will get exposed to quality designers and even et an idea of how you want your display.

When looking at different booths, these are some of the details you should look for:

  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does it look sturdy and well-built?
  • Does it tell a great story of the brand and what they do?
  • Is the booth attracting a lot of potential clients?
  • Is the overall design and color concept well-thought-out?
  • Does it have any graphic design or signs?

So go to a trade show exhibit within your industry and look around. Carefully score the details, design, and finishes of the booths. And if you find a booth that you like, don’t be afraid to ask the exhibitor for information about their trade show provider!

  1. Look at the Companies Online Presence 

The easiest method of finding a good trade show exhibit company is by looking online! You can do a general search by Googling “the best trade show exhibit company”. However, you can also refine your search and Google a specific company.

When doing so, ensure you scroll through the fake or paid reviews. Only look for organic results which are done by real customers! You can also go directly onto the company’s website and look at their reviews and website. 

Pay attention to the layout of their website as this will tell you how experienced they are. You should also ensure they have a valid email and phone number attached to their company. Overall, the best trade show exhibit companies will have a clean and user-friendly website.

  1. Ask For Referrals from Industry Colleagues 

Aside from google reviews, you should also ensure that any prospective company has good reviews from industry professionals. So ask any known associates if they know of any good trade show companies.

Or if you already have a prospective trade show provider in mind, ask your associates if they have worked with them before.

If they have, ask them how their experience was, if they received what they wanted, and the timing and execution of the project! But when looking at peer reviews, ensure they are not affiliated with the company.

In other words, stay away from influencer content as they are likely being paid for their review. When asking your associates about their experience, here are some other questions to consider:

  • Were you happy with the presentation?
  • Did you think you had the best booth compared to other trade show exhibits?
  • Did the company deliver on its timeline and plans?
  • Did the company go over budget?
  • Were there any issues with production or manufacturing?
  • How was their communication?

All of these questions will help you get a better understanding of how a company works. And if you find any answers that differ from your expectations, then keep looking!

  1. Renting or Buying Options 

A trade show exhibit can be bought or rented. There are pros and cons to both of these options.

For example, some companies prefer to buy their booths because they can be less expensive over time. However, a big down payment will be required.

In contrast, some companies prefer to rent their booths so they can have a different exhibit each time. The downside of renting is that you will need to design a new booth each time. 

Overall, it’s up to you if you like having constant changes or if you like sticking to what you know. So when looking for a trade show booth company, ensure they offer both options.

  1. Customization Opportunities

When renting a booth, some companies do not give you the option to customize a booth. So when looking for a trade show provider ensure that they allow you to design your booth. For example, companies like Rockwayexhibits.com allow you to fully customize your booth.

But in some cases, you cannot fully customize your booth. However, you are allowed to change some details from a general booth. For example, you can put your company’s name, story, and any graphics.

The Best Trade Show Exhibit Companies for You

Trade show exhibit companies are far and wide. However, finding one that has good values and executes on their promise can be hard to find. But hopefully, this article has shown you how to find the best providers possible.

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