7 Tips for Dressing a Muscular Body Type

Are you wondering how to dress your muscular body? Read here for seven tips for dressing a muscular body type that you’ll love.

According to some research, only 23% of Americans get enough exercise.

If you’re one of those people who do exercise enough, you may have a muscular body type. In that case, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit your muscular build.

Thankfully, we have some tips on how to dress your body and have the clothes be flattering, so keep reading for some great style ideas!

  1. Keep it Natural

First, you should try and stay natural and stick to neutral colors. You don’t want to draw more attention to yourself and your body. People may already feel intimidated by your size. 

You can wear bright colors during the summer, but if it’s winter or fall, you should stick to natural or muted tones. Think of colors like olive, caramel, navy, blue, or brown. 

If you’re already builky, wearing lots of color will make you seem more aggressive.

  1. Focus on Shapes

You should also focus on the shape of your body because you’ll need to find clothes that complement that. 

The inverted triangle look is great if you are going to the beach, but it can be problematic when you’re trying to find clothes. Because of that, you need to wear clothes that focus on your hips and waist. 

You may also want to wear a V-neck so that people’s eyes go away from your neck and goes towards your torso and legs. 

If you have a rectangular body shape, then you should try and focus on your shoulders. You can do this by wearing clothing that is structured. 

You don’t have to bring back shoulder pads, but you should also wear jackets or shirts that don’t sag downwards. You can also use accessories, like scarves or backpacks that can add to your shoulders as well.

If you wear stripes, you’ll also add more width to your frame.

  1. Wear Layers

Since you’ll be so muscular, you won’t have as much fat to help keep you warm. That’s why you should layer your clothes to trap as much warmth as possible.

You should layer with things that are light so that you don’t put on too much and make your chest look even bigger. 

Try layering with things like roll necks, cardigans, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts. You should wear materials like mohair wool and cashmere. In the summer, try wearing denim or light jackets.

  1. Look for the Perfect Fit

You should also just try and find clothes that fit you perfectly. You should try and do this regardless of what shape your body is.

Do your research and figure out what brands look best on you. Go in person to stores so that you can actually try clothes on and figure out what looks best. 

Always keep your tags on your clothes for a little bit as well so that you can return them if you aren’t in love with it. Make sure you have your receipt as well!

  1. Consider Your Height

If you aren’t very tall, you may want to appear tall and muscular. Thankfully, you can wear some clothes that will give you results that are convincing enough to make you seem tall. You just need to draw people’s eyes in the right direction.

You can do this by wearing clothes that are slim or by wearing pants that have a high hem. You should try and find pants that go above your ankle. 

To work on that, you should also have some color in contrasting socks, which will make it look like your limb is longer than it really is. 

You should try and stay away from loud prints and colors because that can make you seem shorter as well. You should wear a mixed palette to draw attention away from your body in certain areas.

  1. Get it Tailored

When in doubt, you can take your clothes to a local tailor. This is important for all your clothes, and this will make sure you don’t look awkward in any of your clothes. 

For example, if you buy a suite, you can easily make it a custom size after you purchase it. 

Your pants and jacket should also fit in important areas, and buying everything separately might also help you find the best fit.

Fit is the most important factor regardless of what type of body shape you have. There are millions of men around the world, and they all have different body shapes and sizes. 

There’s no way that a medium-sized shirt would fit everyone in the perfect way. The neck might be a little too tight or the sleeves are too short. A tailor can fix all of that for you.

  1. Stay Classic

When in doubt, check out bodybuilding clothing brands and wear classic items.

Classic is always trendy, and it can help you when there aren’t many fashion designers who make clothes for muscular men.

You should get some staples like a classic white T-shirt, a nice suit, some dress shoes, and some jeans that all fit you the right way. 

Discover More Ways to Dress a Muscular Body Type

These are only a few ways to dress a muscular body type, but there are many more ways you can find flattering clothes. 

We know that working out all the time can be exhausting, but we’re here to help you out. 

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