A Guide To Asian Bookmakers – What You Need To Know

You have probably heard of Asian bookmakers if you participate or are interested in online sports betting. Although the phrase has certain geographic connotations, it is primarily used with various betting markets, larger bonuses, more significant stakes, and unique bets like the Asian handicap.

The online gambling market in Asia has grown tremendously. The growth might be driven by increased smartphone use, internet connectivity, and a generation looking for a digital form of entertainment. 

If you plan to invest in online betting, you should learn what there is to know about Asian betting and bookmakers. This article will guide you through what there is to know about basic betting info and what to consider before choosing a bookie.

What Are Asian Bookies?

In sports betting, businesses and sports betting websites in Asia are referred to as “Asian bookies.”

This phrase is typically used by gamblers who seek to contrast Asian internet bookmakers with their American and European.

Asian bookmakers typically represent something favorable for players regarding odds, markets, and betting restrictions. Asian bookies take a more contemporary and forward-thinking stance on sports betting.

Asian bookies are often viewed as superior to typical oddsmakers by the online sports betting community, which is why this guide is devoted to helping you find the ideal options and understand how they operate.

Benefits Of Asian Bookies

Asian bookmakers are preferred by the majority of online sports bettors over European and American choices. Except for the basic betting info, there are a few factors that should encourage everyone to at least explore Asian betting sites to determine if they are a good fit for them. Below are some of the benefits of using Asian bookies. 

    • Favorable odds;
    • Greater limits;
    • More handicap options;
    • More live market options;
    • Awesome bonuses.

Favorable Odds

Compared to their Asian rivals, most American and European bookmakers have rather large house margins.

For instance, if the bookies judge two opponents as equal, European and American bookmakers will provide odds ranging from 1.85 to 1.90. Their margins are 0.15 and 0.10, respectively, according to this.

On Asian bookmakers, the odds for the same game can increase to 1.95 for both teams, which equals a 0.05-point difference.

As you can see, Asian sites may have a house edge that is three times lower. You are often better off wagering on Asian betting sites because the difference in odds might mount up quickly.

Greater Limits

In the online sports betting world, most bookmakers are known for their low limits, which frequently get even lower if you have a winning streak.

Furthermore, if you consistently place large bets and win, your wagering options may be restricted.

Limits are undoubtedly the main factor in Asian bookmakers’ rise to fame and the increasing number of gamblers who choose to play on them. Asian bookies are now often associated with extremely high betting limits.

Handicap Options

One of the most well-known betting options for football is the Asian handicap, one of the hundreds of markets offered by Asian bookmakers.

In recent years, the Asian handicap has become such a crucial component of wagering that it is difficult to imagine what sports betting would look like without it. The best offers in terms of betting limits, options, and odds are made by Asian bookmakers.

Numerous In-Play Options

Asian bookies have honed their football betting skills; the same is true with live betting.

Various live betting alternatives, including in-play betting markets unavailable elsewhere, are offered on Asian betting sites.

Additionally, they provide lower-level Asian leagues unavailable at other bookmakers, giving you many more chances to locate your edge.

Awesome Bonuses

Asian bookmakers entered the betting industry considerably later than Western ones; thus, they had to compete for clients by using a generous bonus approach. Since then, this tactic has been used consistently.

Some of the most lucrative welcome bonuses and ongoing incentives are offered by Asian bookmakers to both new and returning customers. These bonus offers are excellent ways to begin your betting career because they significantly increase your bankroll.

Are Asian Bookmakers Legal?

Most Asian bookies are licensed and legal. This indicates that they follow all industry guidelines to safeguard customer data and financial security.

It’s a widespread fallacy that some general rules or laws determine whether or not a site is legal for you to use when it comes to the legality of Asian betting sites and any other bookies.

The reality is that these laws and ordinances vary depending on your country or region. You may or may not be permitted to utilize specific online bookies by your government.

Most Common Sports To Bet On On Asian Bookies

sports to bet with asian bookiesSports betting has recently experienced the same boom as the other Asian gambling industry.

Sports betting has seen extraordinary growth in terms of betting volume since several Asian nations’ gambling laws and restrictions were liberalized.

Asians most frequently bet on the following sports, according to statistics:

    • Football;
    • Cricket;
    • Table tennis;
    • Basketball.

Nevertheless, eSports betting has seen a significant increase in popularity.


No matter what criteria are used, football will always be the most popular sport for betting in most of the world.

Since China made significant efforts to popularize the game, which led to the Chinese Super League becoming the home of many European football superstars, the popularity of football has increased significantly.

When it comes to betting, the same is valid. Football currently leads all other sports in terms of betting volume.


Basketball is the sport with the second-largest fan following across practically all continents.

The sport’s popularity can almost always be linked to betting statistics, which is the same in this case. Basketball comes in second to football in terms of betting volume in Asia.

Table Tennis

Regarding betting volume, table tennis, or ping-pong as it is known in Asia, is the third most popular sport on the continent.

Ping-pong is regarded as the national sport of China, which is one of the leading causes of this.

Some estimates say Asia is home to more than 300 million recreational table tennis players.


Cricket isn’t higher on this list because cricket betting is prohibited in India, the nation with the most extensive fan base.

The research demonstrates that, despite this, bettors from other Asian nations continue to wager on cricket events.

It is only reasonable to assume that if betting on cricket is made legal in India, it may even surpass basketball as the second most popular betting sport in Asia in terms of betting volume.

Popular Asian Bookies Bet Types

Asian bet kinds have gained so much popularity that bookmakers create sections specifically for them worldwide.

What are the most common Asian bet varieties? 

Asian Goal Line

Instead of betting on the outcome full-time, Asian goal line bets are made on the total number of goals scored during the game.

Bookmakers reduce the number of alternatives by using the Asian goal line market.

Players that use this market are limited to two alternatives for the total number of goals in the game: over and under a predetermined quantity.

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is unquestionably the gaming business in Asia’s most well-known product. Football has been a significant factor in the growth of this wager type because it best represents the skills and variety of the Asian handicap.

In sports like football, where games can end in three ways, bookmakers can only provide two betting possibilities.

Asian handicap is designed to level the playing field between unequal opponents so the oddsmaker may provide comparable odds on two alternative outcomes and make it simpler to wager on specific sports.

Depositing And Withdrawing With Asian Bookies

Some of the best aspects of betting are found in Asian bookies. They cater to the demands of all of its players while managing vast sums of money and serving clients worldwide.

The depositing and withdrawal procedures follow the same methodology. On most Asian bookies, you may expect to find the following payment options.

    • PayPal
    • Bank cards
    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Cryptocurrencies

Asian bookies offer various payment options in addition to the most often used ones, including Paysafecard, Entropay, WebMoney, InstaDebit, ClickPay, UseMyF, Ukash, ecoPayz, Poli, Nordea, and Trustly, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Make the Best Of Asian Bookies

The best online bookmakers in the sports betting industry are most likely Asian bookies. Asians are developing world-class betting products and related services.

At this point, we have to declare that you are missing out on a significant chance if you are not using Asian bookmakers.

Working with Asian Betting companies includes excellent odds, higher limits, and a more extensive selection of markets.

However, suppose you are already a successful gambler who frequently places sizable bets and uses European or American bookies. In that case, it is only a matter of time until your ability to place bets is restricted or forbidden.

It is best to move to Asian bookmakers to avoid this quickly.


If you are confused about where to start online betting using Asian bookies, the article above will guide you on the essential things you need to know. Good luck playing. 

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