Are Stud Earrings Right for Me? The Only Guide You Need

What are stud earrings? Are stud earrings right for you? How many types of stud earrings are there? Click here to find out.

Are you ready to get your ears pierced but unfamiliar with what types of earrings you can actually wear? You might find yourself wondering what are stud earrings compared to hoops and other styles, and if they will fit with your look. 

There are many different types of earrings, and within those categories like hoops or studs, there are still more styles to choose from. These different stud earring options will help you determine if they’re right for you and your style. 

What Are Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are one of the most common and often simple types of earrings. They are typically a simple design, a gem fastened onto a pole with a back. The pole goes through the ear and is fastened at the back by a pushback, hook, or lever. Basic gold or silver ear studs are what you receive in your ear lobe when you first get it pierced. 

The size of the actual front portion can vary greatly, but the pole and the back are small and fit neatly in your ear to not cause any discomfort. You can find studs that have different size poles, especially for those trying to work their ears up to gauges. However, in that case, it will be included in the earring description that the pole is larger than usual. 

Earring Backs

There are a few different backs for stud earrings. The typical back is a pushback, a separate piece of metal that pushes onto the pole and secures it. There are also screw-on backs, which can be designed to lay flat on your ear and prevent discomfort. 

You can find clip-on stud earrings for those without pierced ears as well. Some people may have allergic reactions to certain metals or don’t wish to pierce their ears but still want to enjoy wearing unique stud earrings from time to time. 

Style Options

There are many different types of stud earrings to choose from, even if all you wish is a single gemstone. You want to buy stud earrings in gold, sterling silver, or platinum for the post since you can leave it in long term without experiencing infection or a bad reaction to your skin. 

For the actual front design that people will see, you can find all different sizes and styles. You can go for classic, diamond stud earrings, or find more unique styles like butterfly stud earrings. The variety offers something for everyone, and with good materials, you can leave them in as long as you want.

Studs for Every Style

So what are stud earrings? They’re one of the most versatile earrings you can wear, as well as one of the most comfortable.

Stud earrings look great for any occasion and are the perfect simple accessory you don’t have to worry about. They can elevate a look and add class, while also remaining simple and unobtrusive. And if you feel ready to start shopping for some new studs, keep reading for more good fashion tips.

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