Future Of Tax Compliance: Here’s How Making Tax Digital Sets The Stage For Digitalisation

Technology is becoming increasingly important in all corporate tasks, including tax. Despite the fact that the concept of tax-related technological solutions is new, it has swiftly gained popularity. This is because of the tremendous potential that has come to all stakeholders of taxation technology, including businesses, governments, and tax advisors.

Digitalisation has drawn attention to the resilience and adaptation of several tax authorities. The tax system’s efficiency can be improved by mandating digital tax filing and electronic invoice issuance, which can help stimulate economic growth. The adjustments may be simple and undetectable if tax is integrated into systems that taxpayers regularly use, such as accounting software.

What is Making Tax Digital?

The Making Tax Digital initiative aims to transform how taxpayers, business owners, and landlords communicate with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The goal of Making Tax Digital is to support the government’s initiative to simplify taxes and fully digitize the tax system.

MTD requires all firms unless specifically exempted, to preserve their records in digital format. HMRC strives to be one of the most technologically sophisticated tax administrations in the world, increasing productivity, effectiveness, and compliance simplicity. The proposals proclaim the end of paper accounting for millions of people and mark the introduction of electronic filing through the Application Program Interface (API), a collection of procedures, protocols, and tools for developing software applications.

How will Making Tax Digital Make Things Better?

Getting prepared for Making Tax Digital (MTD) might appear to be a hassle, but still, the best part is that it will likely make life easier. MTD aims to help people and businesses with more effective account management and accurate tax preparation.

Here are a few advantages that we think will make moving to Making Tax Digital beneficial:

1. Real-Time Data

Making Tax Digital makes it simple to maintain information and record transactions in real-time, ensuring that you always have access to your financial records. This enables business owners to continuously and clearly monitor the profits and cash flows of their businesses. As a result, they won’t face any unforeseen problems along the road. You will be able to monitor things all year long instead of waiting until you file your tax return to obtain important information.

Additionally, a cloud-based bookkeeping system promotes seamless ongoing cooperation with your bookkeeper or accountant because both parties will have immediate access to all financial data of your business. This will help you manage and have an impact on the profitability of your business. Your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial performance reports will be more precise and up-to-date every month.

2. Reducing Stress

With submissions spread out throughout the year, you won’t be feeling as much pressure to complete your yearly, one-time tax return in January.

Since the new system keeps track of your finances throughout the year, you should be aware of your expected tax bill when your final filing is completed in April. This provides you with additional time to save for your tax bill and fewer unknowns. Since Making Tax Digital enables you to submit tax data every quarter, you won’t need to gather all of your data at once for a whole year, thus reducing the chances of making errors.

3. Paperless and Easy Management of Data

Embracing the digital world allows you to quickly and conveniently keep track of incoming invoices, due dates for tax returns, and outstanding payments. There is no longer a need to go through a plethora of paperwork or eagerly wait until the end of the fiscal year to discover how much taxes you will owe.

By using MTD-compliant software, you can keep track of all of your company’s incomings and cash outflows online. You only need to update the data every three months and ensure it is accurate. There will be no more annoying paperwork stacks.

Making Tax Digital allows you to track your projected tax obligation and obtain real-time tax information throughout the year. A streamlined cloud-based system lets you monitor your business’s performance over the year, allowing you to modify your business strategy as necessary.


In conclusion, Making Tax Digital is a tremendous advancement for the tax system, laying the groundwork for a more digital and effective future. MTD will help to enhance the tax system by facilitating the process for taxpayers to deal with their tax duties, enhancing the quality and reliability of tax information, and delivering real-time information about tax affairs.

Managing accounting, tax collection, and tax returns might take a lot of time and interfere with your business performance. MTD can be the solution since it can save you important time by streamlining your important financial operations, allowing you to focus on growing your business. The working of Making Tax Digital explained by Dext will help you learn more about the Making Tax Digital initiative by the UK government.

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