With the incessant success in the era of technology, information breach is now the contemporary dilemma of our society. With each day a new feature of the application is introduced and so is the threat of data heist. It is said that during the peak of covid 19 there were major cyber attacks including zoom bombing, DDoS, SQL  injection, and many others. This is now the term to put more endeavor into making our systems safeguarded and more confined. So if your concerns exist the same as mentioned above then you are on the right forum. 

Hexnode is recognized as an award-winning Unified Endpoint Management solution. Or in understandable terms, Hexnode is now a sanctuary for many corporations and devices that are encountering threats and security breaches. Hexnode is formulating full mobility supervision that is cordial to all major platforms like Windows, Apple TVs, macOS, Android, and fire OS, by introducing high-end technology for the safeguard of these devices. 

Specifically talking about the security deficiencies in the Android OS, their business has begun to go downhill. For this purpose, the association has presently taken notes and suggestions on its security flaws. The UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) has provided promising outcomes for the management of Android devices and apps. 

Basic parameters for securing any data or device include a strong password. UEM solutions are benefiting IT administration to configure password parameters in terms of length, history,  age, and characters. These strategies are to be filled only then a strong password is activated. 

Why Is Hexnode The Shining Star?

Hexnode UEM is an initiative-leading endpoint management solution. It delivers highly favorable features including security, management, and remote monitoring of devices within a company. 

The fundamental purpose of establishing Hexnode was to make it possible for everyone, be it a small company or company of any size to access and utilize our services. 

Based on pricing we possess financial plans that make our services economical to receive and precisely according to their needs.  

Our company is customer friendly as we provide free technical assistance despite the pricing plan, so every customer gets equal relief.

We have developed Hexnode Unified Endpoint Management to adapt to the changes in less than a decade starting from simple mobile device management solutions, we are now providing management to PCs and IoT devices. Our motive is to keep on expanding our services as a matter of time since the widespread use of technology has made it easier to access and a lot easier to face security heists.

Hexnode to the Recue! 

Hexnode comprehends the troubles and ordinances of enterprise to employ an encompassing arena that handles all security bases. Hexnode has been the bridge between the Unified Endpoints and IT, for the last few years and has made the security and management of endpoints clear. 

As we know word of mouth is better than any promotion, our customers have reviewed our services and they have been completely satisfied as we work on what they need. Our services are mostly customized according to the company’s demand, along with that our technical support is always there to assist them when in need.

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