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The reason for the rising popularity of short-form videos is the shorter attention span of consumers over the last few decades. The other reason may be that short-form video apps provide the possibility of more fresh content. There are a lot of short video apps in the market but Hipi because of its unique features stands out. Hipi has a plethora of fresh content you would never get bored of. The average span of attention among humans counts from 6 to 8 seconds. In Hipi, most of the content is conveyed by that time, and some of these videos even end by this span. All these make it more entertaining and rewatchable when people tend to come back to your content repeatedly. Hipi also has the most popular influencers like Jannat Zubair the youth icon of the country who enjoys millions of followers.

Hipi is an app that is gaining popularity because it is fascinating and has many features that today, influencers or content creators use to edit or create a video. They have unique content available in the app ranging from comedy, entertainment, emotion, dance, drama, and education, that can be used to make videos or even get famous. There are different kinds of popular short video apps in India, such as Hipi, Facebook, and Instagram reels. They have an excellent rating on their app and can share the content on social media. Hipi also has a unique one-of-a-kind show which is India’s first-ever digital fashion pageant.

When it comes to short video apps, there are plenty of choices, like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram reels, twitch, and several others. On Hipi, short-form videos are Creative, exciting, and spontaneous. Hipi is already becoming one of  India’s favorite short video platforms and a destination for many talented creators. It is a funny comedy app with a video download feature and many cool toggles, including a music video maker, which you can use to create funny videos.

Most of our favorite celebrities have already joined Hipi. They upload tons of fun videos daily to build fan communities and actively participate with them. Stars are not only excited to showcase their authentic selves on Hipi, but their fans are excited to have this opportunity to see their loved actors shed their reel-life, participate in challenges, collaborate with them to make fun videos, lip-sync to the dialogues of their favorite actors, and more exciting things.

Social media handles of celebrities are full of pictures and videos that are not just great content but excellent quality. Filters these days are reducing the visits to beauty parlors for makeup to get a perfect shot. HiPi, is one of India’s best short video App platforms. The App has some of the best video effects, light effects, beauty filters, creative expressions, everyday challenges, and more. You would be thrilled to know that your favorite celebs, including Arishfa Khan, Jannat Zubair, Ahsaas Channa, Gaurav Taneja, Barkha Singh, Kritika Khurana and others, are using HiPi, bringing their new avatar to the limelight.

Hipi is the new craze among the generation, and along with filters, it also features music tracks. Hipi allows users to make videos of up to 90 seconds. The App also enables the users to vertically scroll through the hundreds of videos one can like and share on the platforms. Hipi brings content from diverse demographics and geography and is suitable for all handsets used in India.

Hipi is a short video platform that allows users to delve into a new world of video making! Make a video, add a music track and gain your follower base. Hipi has videos that make your day. Also, it is an Indian short video application. It is a fun comedy platform with a video download feature and a fantastic tuner. It also has a music video feature which could be used to create funny videos for a laugh. You can share them With your family and friends as your status video or get inspired to make awesome videos. No matter what you opt for, Hipi offers you more. It is easy to discover and create original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. You can take your short videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more. Stream – Endless amount of videos customized only for you.

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