How to build a successful career in corporate social responsibility

In today’s age, the corporate world is not merely limited to business dealings, but it also has to take into account social responsibility. For this, a self-regulating business model is put into place called corporate social responsibility (CSR). Its purpose is to assist the organization in being socially accountable to the public and the stakeholders.

CSR is integral in current times as companies need to operate in such a way to positively impact society and the environment, rather than create adverse effects. Additionally, every organization has to focus on the overall development of self and their employees and hence, has to consider responsible sourcing, human rights and much more.

The importance of CSR 

Various organizations are looking into CSR as it can have a profound impact on the growth of a company. Along with bringing a competitive advantage, it can also boost sales and offer more access to capital and the market. Additionally, CSR, when implemented properly, can enhance productivity and brand image in the market.

As a company or brand becomes more visible, it has to focus on corporate social responsibility and community welfare. A good example of this is Starbucks, which has achieved several CSR milestones, such as carrying 100% ethically sourced coffee, providing 100 million trees to farmers by 2025, devoting hours of community service and alsosupporting employees through college programs.

Making a career in CSR 

CSR is becoming hugely popular as it is needed more than ever when social responsibility takes precedence over everything. If you are looking to make a career in this field, you must know that CSR is not a distinct career path as it involves various diverse disciplines. Also, the complexity of roles and responsibilities in this sector makes it hard to narrow it down.

The workforce in CSR is recruited from various channels and sources, but the focus is on those who work in social, rural or other development fields. Another good option you can consider is going for a micro-credential program that will help you gain an understanding of this field and prepare you for necessary job roles as well.

Tips to consider for a CSR role 

Here are some important factors or tips you must consider if you are actively seeking a role in CSR.

  • Junioras well as experienced professionals are hired for CSR roles by companies. If you are on the lookout for good profiles, search for organizations, foundations or even company owners who invest time and resources in social welfare work.
  • If you are interested in a particular organization, look into their value and culture. Study them well and understand the company’s stance on CSR. Search their website and other sources to learn how actively they are involved in CSR activities.
  • Another good way to get some CSR experience is by taking up an internship or volunteering with an organization and working on their CSR project.
  • Also, since it’s the NGOs that oversee or are involved with CSR jobs, search out NGOs linked with corporates and business firms.

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