Innago Vs. TurboTenant

Property management software is one of the best ways to streamline your rental business in the modern age.

But with so many software options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to invest your money in.

Two property management software options include Innago and TurboTenant. While these two platforms have much in common, they also have some key differences that could mean the difference between successes or breakdowns in your property management.

In this article, we compare the major pros and cons of Innago and TurboTenant. By the end of this article, you will better understand which platform best meets your needs as a property owner.



TurboTenant offers two pricing plans for users: a free plan and a paid premium plan.

The free plan offers basic features without a fee by offloading expenses like screening costs onto tenants. Included features include rental advertising, rental applications, tenant screening, maintenance management, and online rent collection. 

You’ll need to pay for the premium plan ($8.25 per month) for advanced features like scheduled phone support, unlimited document storage, unlimited bank accounts, and faster rent payouts.


Access to Innago software is entirely free for landlords – no premium plans or hidden fees.

It works in much the same way as TurboTenant’s free plan works. Instead of charging landlords to use their software, Innago charges small fees to tenants for add-on services like screening reports, credit transactions, and ACH transfers. These fees are small enough that most tenants aren’t severely inconvenienced, but landlords can take them on if they choose.

Innago believes that access to high-quality rental tools shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why their software—and all its features—is always free for landlords.



TurboTenant’s key features include:

  • Rental advertising and listing syndication
  • Lead tracking
  • Custom rental application builder
  • Tenant screening (including credit, criminal, and eviction reports)
  • State-specific leases and eSignatures
  • Online rent collection
  • Automated payment reminders and late fees
  • A “Landlord forms pack” with over 30 available rental forms, addendums, and templates

Overall, TurboTenant’s features received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra.


Innago’s key features include:

  • Online rent collection via ACH transfer, credit, and debit
  • Automated rent reminders, messaging, and late fee enforcement
  • Maintenance management with ticket tracking and picture/video upload capabilities
  • Online leasing with eSignatures and unlimited Cloud storage
  • Custom rental application builder
  • Tenant screening (including credit, criminal, and eviction reports)
  • Listing syndication on major listing sites like Zumper, PadMapper, and
  • Automated invoices and recurring billing
  • Financial reporting tools
  • Customer support via phone, email, and live chat
  • Dedicated account representative

Overall, Innago’s features received 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

Customer Support

When it comes to software, customer support is key. You’re bound to come across questions and issues in your use of any software tool, and it pays to have access to responsive customer service when this happens.

Unfortunately, TurboTenant’s customer service does not meet user expectations. One important thing to know is that TurboTenant prioritizes premium members – free users can’t schedule phone calls, and they wait longer for chat support. Instead of personalized guidance, free users can only get direct help through email. If that fails, they must solve their own problem by browsing through videos on the help center or FAQs on TurboTenant’s website. According to Trustpilot, TurboTenant users even complain that they were told they must pay for premium to speak with someone on the phone.

On the other hand, Innago users each have a designated account representative, whom they can contact for personalized support via phone, email, or live chat at any time. Innago users can also almost always reach someone after hours on the general support line.

Beyond direct support, Innnago offers a learning center with educational blog articles about the software and other real estate topics. The company also hosts live webinars and one-on-one demos by request.

Ultimately, Innago’s customer support team earned 4.9 out of 5 stars, one of the highest ratings in the industry. TurboTenant’s support only earned 4.2 stars, demonstrating some serious issues in this area.


When it comes to overall reviews, 91.5% of reviewers said they would be likely to recommend TurboTenant to another landlord. While this statistic may seem high at first, keep in mind that the industry standard is much higher. 97.4% of Innago users, on the other hand, said they would recommend the platform to others.

Once again, Innago’s ratings outperform TurboTenant’s by a significant degree. The “likelihood to recommend” metric is one of the best ways to tell whether users of the software truly believe in its value—and in Innago’s case, users do.


If you’re considering Innago vs. TurboTenant, the stronger choice is clear. Innago outpaces TurboTenant in almost every category. Innago’s 100% free pricing, top customer support, and streamlined interface make it one of the best property management software options on the market today.

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