Invest only in businesses that thrive in 2nd quarter of the year

What businesses thrive in 2022? It’s the second quarter of the year and we have a small list of the industries that work this year. Let’s get started.

3D printing.

Business opportunities in the field of additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D printing) have expanded with the availability of cheaper equipment, innovative materials, and greater capabilities to create all kinds of products. Another reason that 3D technology is considered among the profitable business ideas for 2022 is that printing equipment requires consulting services for the purchase, support, repair, maintenance and supply of consumables.

Investing in musicians

You can find talents in music and invest in promoting via Spotify and SoundCloud. There are many agents that work closely with musicians close to big fame. So, you can do the same – Spotify and SoundCloud would be a big help. As for strategy, buy Spotify views to get organic boost in the platform. Spotify’s algo is very unique and getting views will help organically.

Investing in art is a long term commitment. Just like stocks and bonds, art can increase in value. You can start buying a few valuable art pieces rather than investing in a much larger collection.

Repair shops (electronic devices, bicycles, cars)

As we mentioned in the previous point, specialized technical services are vital in many forward-thinking sectors because, in this time of climate crisis, the use-throw-buy model is no longer sustainable. Thus, both companies and new generations are adopting a culture of reusing and repairing their favorite items every day, such as that smartphone with a broken screen, the video game console that does not turn on or the laptop whose battery has stopped charging. Mechanical and bicycle workshops are also popular home business ideas as you can start by offering minor repairs, with the tool you have on hand and making a small investment in common parts.

Vegan food

The preference for plant-based food options is increasing at a rapid rate, to the point that a Bloomberg Intelligence report predicted that this market could reach 161 billion dollars in 2030, a growth of 451% in a decade! With this, the business opportunities in this sector are varied, whether you decide to launch a restaurant, a food truck , a plant-based dairy line or vegan snack vending machines

Equipment and spare parts for renewable technologies

Just like in food, sustainability is here to stay in the energy sector. This is confirmed by data like this: by 2025, “green technologies” (solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, etc.) will be the main source of electricity in the world according to the UN International Energy Agency . Therefore, one of the profitable businesses in the future would be an online store of spare parts, connectors and structures for photovoltaic systems.

Specialized online training

For a trend as old as the internet itself, online courses today enjoy extraordinary health, especially due to video platforms on social networks that have allowed a large number of experts to share their knowledge with the whole world. Thus, for elite singing coaches , marketing gurus, interior design wizards, and illustration and video artists, a steady flow of students is within their grasp.

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