Kevin De Bruyne – top scorer in the 2015/2016 League Cup

The League Cup is a tournament where the surprises often happen. Therefore, it is all the more interesting for neutral fans to watch. By the way, football scores today are covered on the sports statistics website. Here you can also follow the matches of this competition.

Kevin De Bruyne was the top scorer in this competition in 2015/2016. The player who had just spent his first campaign at “Manchester City” immediately fit into the team formation and became a central figure in the Citizens’ attacks. 

The Belgian had 5 accurate shots on his account in that campaign. And he scored not only in the early stages. De Bruyne made an excellent showing in the semifinals. By the way, his effectiveness is one of the main factors that led the “City” to win the League Cup in that campaign.

You can follow the current football scores of the “Citizens” matches on the sports statistics website today. As for the League Cup, De Bruyne immediately showed himself as a leader.

Kevin not only completed all the attacks, but also provided regular passes to his teammates. His good eye for the pitch allowed him to find the best pass opportunities. That season the player was very convincing and, as further events showed, it was only the beginning of his long and successful career at “Manchester City”.

Key factors of De Bruyne’s successful performance е

In his debut campaign for the “Citizens”, the Belgian showed his importance to the team right from the start. He saw the pitch perfectly, made quick decisions and did not hesitate to take charge of the game. The partners trusted him, and Kevin showed that it was not for nothing. And now you can learn football scores live on the sports statistics website. This site covers the games of the “Citizens” in all tournaments. 

If we talk about the title of top scorer in the tournament, the Belgian won it due to:

    1. An excellent and very powerful shot. Often even shots from outside the penalty area are an insurmountable task for the opponents’ goalkeepers. 
    2. The ability to choose the right position to beat opponents. This allowed De Bruyne to get rid of the guard and make an aiming shot.
    3. A great spirit for every match. In his first season at the “City”, De Bruyne wanted to show he was bought for a reason. Kevin was fired up and showed his strengths in every game.

His confidence passed on to his teammates, and in the end, it was “Manchester City” who won the coveted trophy. If this club is interesting to you now, then follow its football scores on the trusted platform in live. Now the calendar of events is very tight, so the team’s games are frequent. However, now you can read their statistics and other indicators. All data is updated in real time.

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