Platinum Carbon Black Ink: Everything You Wanted to Know 

The world of inks is really huge and amidst different types of inks, you can come across carbon black oriented inks. Talking about platinum carbon black ink, it is going to be the best ink for use in overall fountain pens and other writing instruments. The color it has is a deep, rich black, and it even is considered to be one of the finest and most premium inks available. Platinum carbon type of black ink is formed up of a combination of carbon black pigment as well as platinum particles. This is the combination that gives the ink its distinct properties that encompass being extremely smooth and even flow-resistant.

Platinum type of carbon black ink is essential in order to generate the highest possible print quality on a diversity of substrates. Platinum type of carbon black ink has been produced to provide superior print quality on a huge range of papers and even other types of media. This kind of ink is perfect for use with high-resolution printers, like the ones used for photographic printing. Platinum carbon type of black ink is even ideal for use with proofing and even pre-press applications.

Well, the Platinum Carbon Black type of ink is a pigmented ink, and not really a dye-based ink. It has got a matte sheen to it, and it is going to definitely smear a bit if you simply lay it down heavily enough, but it has got some sort of really strong water-proof qualities. On good paper (such as the coated Rhodian that many people use for reviews) this ink is absolutely super dark and it works and acts itself very well. On copy paper, well, that is somewhat a different story.  

Quick perks of using carbon black ink 

There are numerous benefits of using platinum type of carbon black ink. Some of these perks are like:

  • Platinum carbon black type of ink is absolutely durable and long lasting.  Yes, if you are using it anywhere, you can be definite that it does not disappoint you as long as the durability is concerned.
  • This platinum carbon black type of ink is perfect for printing on a diversity of varied surfaces, including cardboard, paper, and even metal.  The point is you can be sure that you use this ink on any of these surfaces and many more without any issue. You can be definite that there is utmost result you expect.
  • Platinum carbon black type of ink is also quite fade resistant, meaning your prints are going to definitely last for years without even getting faded.  Of course, many people feel that their writings or stuff gets faded in a few weeks or months but that is not the case in the realm of black carbon type of ink.
  • Now, this carbon black type of ink is also quite waterproof, making it ideal for printing documents that is going to be exposed to the elements. 
  • Then it is also true that platinum carbon type of black ink is also quite affordable. Hence, it makes this ink a great choice for budget-conscious type of consumers. Of course, there are times when you need ink but you don’t have the huge budget in such times, you can count on this quality and effective yet within budget carbon black type of ink.

Comparison of platinum carbon type of black ink with other black inks 

Well, you must be thinking that there are numerous types of black inks out there, right? Well, have you ever thought about the black ink that is carbon black oriented? Platinum carbon type of black ink is formed up of a higher concentration of carbon black pigment than other type of black inks. It results in a darker black color. Additionally, the carbon black pigment that gets used in platinum carbon black type of ink is finer than that of any ink used in other inks, ending up in smoother ink flow and even a more consistent print quality. Of course, once you use the black carbon type of ink, you are not going to be disappointed in any capacity. All you get is the result that you seek. And perhaps, that is the main thing that makes platinum carbon black type of ink superior to other inks in the world.

The usage area of black carbon ink 

Well, some of the possible uses for this type of ink encompass creating dark, rich tones in artwork or even print projects, or using it for tattooing or even other sorts of body art. Similarly , platinum carbon black type of ink may be even perfect for certain kinds of industrial applications or even for creating distinct effects in certain types of printing. Of course, the point is there is a huge area wherein this carbon black ink can do wonders. Trying it out would be a great idea for sure. Just give it a chance and you may find it doing wonders for your ultimate outcomes. This ink has the capacity to offer the best experiences.

What makes this ink the best choice for printing? 

Well, platinum carbon type of black ink is the perfect choice for printing because it is the darkest and even the opaquest black ink available. Of course, you can be sure that you have the ink that is absolutely effective, dark and shining. There would not be any fading and sort of problems when you are using this carbon black type of ink. The point is when you want to use an ink for any sort of task, you want quality  and it is exactly what you experience when you use black carbon ink. Once you use it, you can feel the difference it bring to your overall results.


Well, the Platinum type of ink carbon black  is going to be the best purchase you can make for your endeavours. Not only does this type of ink has amazing quality, but it even is affordable. You are not going to be experience any sort of disappointment when you choose carbon black ink for your procedures and printing and more.

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