Save BIG By Investing in a Pre Owned Rolex

Since the average new Rolex costs between $7,000 and $12,000, these gorgeous pieces are something that most people can only dream of owning. Luckily, with pre owned Rolex options, this is becoming a more attainable goal. If you are based in the San Francisco area and you are on the search for a quality and professional rolex watch repair San Francisco, then you have come to the right place.

But why should you buy one of these pieces? How do you go about doing it? Read on to learn some ways that you can get pre-owned Rolex models that fit your personal taste and style perfectly.

Why Buy a Pre Owned Rolex?

Before we can talk about how to find certified pre-owned Rolex watches, it’s important to understand what sets Rolex models apart.

There’s no model of mass-produced industrial watch that can hold a candle to a Rolex. Every model is specially designed with unique and high-quality inner mechanisms to tell time. They’re intricately made, beautiful, and highly accurate at keeping time.

Rolex is also one of the most prestigious watch brands on the market. Wearing one automatically starts conversations and makes you appear classy. These watches are a great status symbol to showcase taste, class, and, yes, wealth.

Purchasing pre-owned models is a great way to save money. It’s challenging to figure out exactly how much a pre-owned watch will cost because it will depend entirely on the model and condition. Some models naturally cost less than others even when bought new, so when all else is equal they’ll continue to go for more than others when used.

You will likely save around 35% of the list price when you purchase good-condition used watches. If you want to compromise on the condition of your watch, you might get one for half price. However, we don’t recommend this since poor condition means a low-value watch regardless of its model.

Find a Reputable Retailer

The first step to buying a pre-owned watch is finding a retailer that you know is reputable. Even used Rolexes are expensive and you don’t want to be accidentally jilted out of your money. Make sure that you read online reviews and find a retailer that watch enthusiasts love.


You also will want to browse the website of the retailer you’re choosing thoroughly. Make sure that it looks updated and legitimate. Click on product images and read through descriptions of all timepieces.

If anything about a website feels sketchy or even slightly off, don’t make any purchases there. It could be a scam that gives you a fake Rolex or, worse, one that steals your personal and banking information. This company isn’t just a reputable alternative but has cryptocurrency payment methods in place to keep you safe.

Decide on Your Watch’s Model

Once you find someone you’re considering buying from, it’s time to browse their webpage and see what they’re offering. Do you envision yourself with a pre-owned Rolex President or Deepsea? Then look for somewhere that sells these models.

If you’re a woman who wants a subtle timepiece, make sure that you buy from somewhere that sells ladies’ pre-owned Rolex watches. You don’t want to buy from a retailer that specializes only in men’s timepieces. Even if you see a more feminine model, it may not be the best fit for your wrist or your personal style.

Don’t settle for a model that isn’t what you want simply because it’s less expensive. Remember that a watch is an investment. It’s something that you’ll want to wear every day in both professional and casual settings.

If you don’t see the watch that you want on a reputable website, keep browsing. Something is sure to come up eventually. If you still can’t find anything after a thorough search, contact reputable sites and see if they have any additional watches in stock that aren’t online.

Ask the Seller for Pictures and Details

Once you’ve chosen a watch that you think you want, there are still steps you need to take to protect yourself. Ask the seller for details about your watch. Some questions might include its origins, the type of mechanism it uses, how well it currently is working, and what detailing it has.

Asking these questions will let you know the basics of your timepiece. It also will show that the seller is knowledgeable enough to answer these questions. If a seller doesn’t know basic information about the timepieces that they sell, don’t buy from them.

You should also ask for pictures of your prospective timepiece. Make sure that the logos and seals are in the appropriate places and that the details look legitimate.

If there are any odd markings on it or the images don’t look like new models that you see online, skip them. They might be knockoffs.

When you get images, you can also verify that the timepiece you’re investing in is in good condition. You can see if it is scratched, dented, or in any way broken. This lets you make sure that you’re getting the piece that you were promised (and gives you legal grounds for recompense if the seller sends you a piece other than the one pictured).

More on How to Boast an Awesome Timepiece

Choosing the right luxury timepiece can be hard, but you can’t go wrong with a pre owned Rolex. They’re stylish, functional, and have an air of luxury that you can’t replicate with any other watch.

Now that you know the many awesome benefits of investing in one of these watches, it’s time to get started. Check out the ‘lifestyle’ and ‘fashion’ tabs on our home page to get more articles about how to show off your luxury watch on any occasion.

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