Six Product Packaging Design Errors to Avoid for Your Business

America can’t contain its craze for containers. Americans used more than 82 million tons of containers and packaging materials in 2018. 

This statistic suggests that packages are effective marketing tools. But Americans throw out many containers without thinking about it. If you want to make a package that will develop your customer base, you have to avoid product packaging design errors. 

What should your designs look like? How much protection should your packages offer? What are little details you can add to make your packages stand out? 

Answer these questions and you can create excellent packages in little time. Here are six errors you can avoid. 

  1. Misleading Designs

Your packaging design ideas should accurately reflect the products you are selling. Under no circumstances should you make false claims about your product. You should not market a product to children that is for adults.

Read your local advertising body’s guidelines for packaging. Understand what packaging printing and graphics you can use. You should avoid plagiarism or infringement of someone’s copyrighted designs. 

  1. Weak Packaging

Your packaging should offer a degree of protection for products. Nothing should break if your package gets dropped or tilted. 

Cardboard, paper, and thin sheets of plastic offer little protection. It is okay to use shreds of paper for insulation. But you must surround your product with additional materials before you send it out. 

  1. Overprotective Packaging

Many people become frustrated when a package has too many materials on it. Very thick sheets of plastic, metal locks, and clamshells can be difficult to work with. 

You can find wholesale shipping boxes that will protect your products while being easy to open. Put instructions on the package itself that teach a person how to open it. Arrows and written descriptions tend to be best. 

  1. Wasteful Product Packaging Materials

Many customers expect companies to use environmentally friendly materials. Try to avoid using plastic that your customers cannot recycle. 

Opt instead for making packages out of recycled paper. This minimizes your company’s carbon footprint and encourages your customer to recycle their package when they are done with it. 

  1. Bland Colors and Features

Packaging for large products is an opportunity for brand recognition. You want your customers to remember your company the second they see your colors or designs. Select fonts and images that your competitors are not using. 

  1. Typos

Just one typo makes you seem sloppy. Check the spelling and grammar for all of your packaging materials. Change your wording if you do not know how to spell a word or if a sentence is too long. 

The Six Biggest Product Packaging Design Errors

You must avoid the worst product packaging design errors. Never lie to your customers. Create original designs that are reflective of what your product does. 

Offer enough protection for your products, but don’t be excessive. All packaging materials you use should be recyclable and have minimal impact on the environment. Recycled paper tends to work best. 

Make your designs colorful so they stand out from the crowd. Be diligent with your proofreading so you do not make any errors. 

Packaging is one way you can promote your products. Find out additional ways by following our coverage. 

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