Technology to Help Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a multi-faceted problem and a leading cause of car accidents. When people engage in activities such as texting, watching videos, email, browsing the internet, and so forth while operating a motor vehicle, they are not keeping their eyes on the road or their hands on the wheel in a manner that exhibits safe driving practices. Drivers who use phones while driving are 10 times more likely to crash. 

Even modern car features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can pose serious harm. Drivers that use handheld and hands-free phones only see about 50 percent of all information within their driving environment. Doesn’t sound very safe, does it?

However, this doesn’t mean that technology in cars is all bad. Technology companies and vehicle manufactures have taken note of these dangers and devised solutions to combat them.  Cars with built in safety features make it so that you can stay entertained and safe while going from place to place.

Regardless of specific safety measures, motor vehicle accidents can still occur. In this instance, contact motor vehicle accident lawyers Perth for assist with your existing claim for compensation for car accident injuries and losses through the Insurance Commission of WA.  The best personal injury lawyers are skilled at gathering the evidence that is required to maximise your claim for injury compensation.

With that said, here are some of the top automotive technologies that can reduce car crashes and better ensure road safety. You should determine which measures would best help you stay safe and undistracted while driving to your destination and put them into place as soon as possible.

Apple iOS DND 

Apple’s Do Not Disturb (DNB) While Driving mode blocks incoming calls and text messages. It can sense when a vehicle is moving, as well as when it is connected through Bluetooth in a car. This prevents drivers from taking calls or engaging in conversations that are extremely distracting. Most likely, these conversations can wait until you are safely parked.

A recent Apple update came with an updated “do not disturb” option that also alerts the people trying to contact you that you are busy at the moment. With this knowledge, they can try you again later or wait for you to respond at an appropriate time.

Lane Departure Warnings

Though lane departure warnings don’t prevent drivers from using distracting objects in the car, they can save someone who is. For example, if someone were texting while driving and swerving out of their lane, they would hear an alerting sound. Of course, there is the option of ignoring it, but the hope is that it would suddenly alert someone of the danger of what they were doing and scare them into keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road ahead.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Similarly to lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking comes in handy when people have their eyes off the road. When you are not paying attention, you are less likely to react quickly in an emergency or sudden change in road behaviour.

If the car in front of you suddenly stops and you were browsing the internet, you will not see the brake lights in time. When your car does the emergency braking for you, there is a greater chance of preventing injury to you and damage to your motor vehicle.  It also protects other road users and the occupants of their motor vehicles as well as pedestrians who are much more vulnerable that the occupants of a car for example.

Cell Phone Blocking Technology

If you want to entirely free yourself of phone-related distractions while driving, consider downloading a cell phone blocking app. Basic technology will block calls and texts while the car is moving like the do not disturb option. However, more advanced options can block audio features, social media and internet access and send notifications to parents of teen drivers.

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