Text message spy without access to phone

There are countless reasons where the only available and possible solution is to spy on a phone. Spying on someone’s phone may sound like a bad thing, but if the reasons are right, the act won’t be bad at all. You have to avoid being caught. Spying on someone’s phone or hacking doesn’t always require access to the phone you want to spy on. Various methods can get a phone hacked without even laying a finger on it. Hacking or spying on a phone with or without access doesn’t always need professional expertise to be accomplished. You can spy or hack anyone’s phone without knowing anything about hacking as a few methods are quite simple, whereas some are complicated enough for you to do on your own, so you would have to hire a hacker for some methods. 

Reasons for spying on text messages

Text messaging is a very convenient tool in our phones that allows us to always be in touch with our loved ones. It helps to make more friends and strengthen relationships. Text messaging helps us at urgent times of need and helps ease our worries in various situations. 

It replaces calling and acts as a better alternative to calling as you can do countless things while texting, and it is more flexible and overall convenient than calling someone. You can drive while texting which is not recommended, but a quick text in an urgent situation acts as a more convenient alternative while calling someone while driving. With texting, you can multitask, talk to other people or talk to multiple people simultaneously during texts. If you have social anxiety, texting helps a lot because you can reply at your own pace with flexibility. 

With so many advantages, there are always a few cons here and there. When it comes to texting, the major common drawback is that texting can be an ingredient to your overthinking and worrying. Texting can also make you angry at times. Some examples are below to illustrate further how texting can be a reason for such diverse emotions.

  • As text messages can’t be completely deleted from both sides when you press the delete option, it can get pretty infuriating if you’ve sent a risky text that you’re uncertain about to someone important or special. You would want to delete, but the option only lets you delete your side of the text, whereas the person still has the text. This problem is found in text messaging and texting on online social media apps. 
  • Checking up on a family member, whether it is a relative that lives with you, sibling, spouse or child. There are times when you’re worried and want to check their phone for safety-related concerns but don’t want them to know or ask them due to various reasons. Spying on their text messages by hacking the phone seems like a good solution. 
  • If someone you were talking to deleted several text messages because you replied late, it gets anxious if you don’t know what they were and when you ask them about it, they don’t answer. Situations like this can be very annoying, and to see what those texts were, you’d have to hack into the person’s phone.

Methods to spy on text messages without phone access

There are various methods to spy on text messages on anyone’s phone without having their phone in hand or nearby. Hacking in movies or other media always shows that hackers have a couple of computers and they’re trying to hack with several gadgets and tech; however, in real life, there are several methods where you only need your phone to hack another phone that are as simple as that. However, some methods need you to get a hacker to hack the phone for you as some methods could be too difficult for you alone if you don’t have any prior hacking knowledge. 

Phishing method

Phishing is a method that hackers commonly use to hack a phone remotely without access. In phishing, you or a hacker you hire will send a message attached with a link to the person you want to hack. This link takes the person to an infected website or an app that automatically downloads and hacks the person’s phone. The message is written to feel appealing and attract the person to visit the link. You can hire a hacker for social media hacking

  • It can be written as impersonating a famous brand or store, saying that the person has won a special discount at the store, and to confirm this offer, you’ll have to write your credentials at the link attached.
  • It can also be someone asking for help. For example, it can be a person with a random name saying that they need help getting back their account or require urgent money. To help them, the link needs to be visited. 

Messages like these lure the person into clicking the link and getting their phones hacked so you can easily spy on text messages remotely without the phone’s access. 

Nova Spy

Nova spy is a spy app. Spyware apps are the most useful and effortless way of hacking phones. You can easily hack or spy on a phone with spyware apps from the comfort of wherever you are. Nova spy is one of the best spyware apps as it is very easy to use, has tons of features and is fairly cheap. It also guarantees 100% stealth. Nova spy can easily give you access to anyone’s text messages without the need to physically access their phone. Not only can that, but Nova spy does many other things. 

  • Nova spy gives you access to all sorts of social media apps on the person’s phones, their accounts, text message conversations on the app. You can see all there is on their apps with Nova spy.
  • Nova spy gives you access to the person’s notes, documents and other important information.
  • Nova spy has a GPS tracker which shows the person’s live location as well as any other places they have visited. 

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