The amazing Paolo Rossi

Across its history, Italian football has been mostly associated with defensive tactics. Punters can visit 1xBet – one of betting sites in Kenya in order to start betting on the best Italian football matches. Probably that’s the main reason why there are not so many Italian players that are internationally recognized goalscorers.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no goalscorers at all from that part of the world. One of the most illustrious Italian strikers ever was Paolo Rossi. He was crucial in helping Italy to obtain the title in the 1982 FIFA World Cup. The 1xBet Kenya platform is one of the best betting sites in the country to visit, and it also features all editions of the FIFA World Cup.

However, there is much more to Rossi’s career than just World Cup glory. It is fair to say that this title was the absolute highlight of his career.

A fantastic domestic career focused on Italy

Rossi played professionally between 1973 and 1987. He spent his entire career on different Italian squads. Currently, your online football bet on, and it can be done on the amazing teams that Italy has to offer.

The squads where the striker played were:

    • Juventus;
    • Vicenza;
    • Roma;
    • Milan;
    • and Hellas Verona.

The best spell in Rossi’s career was definitely when he played in Vicenza. He was part of that squad between 1976 and 1979. He became one of the top scorers in the history of the club, and is dearly remembered even today. The 1xBet site gives the chance to make your online football bet on the most spectacular Italian football teams and players.

World Cup glory

As said before, the best moment in Paolo Rossi’s career came during the 1982 FIFA World Cup. In addition to the title obtained by his squad, Rossi also obtained many personal awards. When spending time on 1xBet – only profitable live betting can be performed on all the editions of the FIFA World Cup.

The Italian was the top scorer of the competition. In total, he scored six goals. This gave him the Golden Boot. However, he also obtained the Golden Ball which recognized him as the best player in the competition. He is only one of three players to obtain the FIFA World Cup title, the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball on the same edition of a competition.

Rossi was also part of the Italian squad that played the 1978 FIFA World Cup. He scored three goals in that competition. This gave him a total of nine goals scored in the championships. This makes Paolo Rossi one of Italy’s joint FIFA World Cup scorers. Right now, only profitable live betting can be made on 1xBet, which also has all the matches of the Azzurra.


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