The Benefits of Starting a Business in Hong Kong

Did you know that 627,000 new businesses open each year in the United States of America? While starting a new company in the U.S. is a great idea, there are other parts of the where that is also great for starting a company.

One of those places is Hong Kong and it should be a big part of your business strategy if you’re looking for a place where starting a business is easier and you’ll have a chance to flourish. It might sound intimidating to think about starting a business in a different country but there are many benefits you need to know about.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn about the benefits of starting a new business in Hong Kong. Continue reading for more.

1.Attractive Tax System

A big reason why you should consider starting a new company in Hong Kong is the tax system. Corporate taxes are much lower in Hong Kong when compared to other places in the world. In fact, it is one of the best rates in Asia with everything you make after 2 million Hong Kong dollars getting taxed at just 16.5 percent.

2.Free Economy

Another big benefit of starting a new business in Hong Kong is that it has a free economy that is loaded with free trade opportunities. This is a perfect place to set up a business that focuses on things like e-commerce or manufacturing because it allows for transparency and you won’t face any taxes on goods your business imports into Hong Kong.

3.Easy Access to Mainland China

Hong Kong’s location is another major reason why you need to consider starting a new company there. It is right off of the coast of China which makes it the perfect gateway or jump-off point to market and sell your goods to Chinese consumers. It is also a great gateway to reach consumers in other countries that make up Asia.

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4.Productive Workforce

Another great thing about Hong Kong when it comes to starting a new company is the workforce. Hong Kong is noted for how productive and industrious its workforce is. It is a perfect match for a company that is just getting started since they’ll have no issues helping you with everything you need to get started.

5.Quality of Life

The quality of life is another reason why more people are starting to look at Hong Kong as a great place for starting a business. There are tons of great ways to get around Hong Kong for minimal money and it provides a ton of great amenities and options for things like banking and entertainment.

It also has a diverse number of cuisines and restaurants to go with a large number of quality consumer goods.

Open Your New Company in Hong Kong Today

Hong Kong is an amazing place that provides a ton of great opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a new company and reap the benefits of the low corporate taxes. On top of that, you’ll have access to an educated and hardworking workforce. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy a high quality of life when living in Hong Kong.

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