The Importance of Safety on Construction Sites

No one wants to die on the job. Unfortunately, the latest stats reveal more than 5,000 workers die on the job annually. 

Construction work is risky so construction site safety is crucial to protect workers from injury and even death. If you’re running a construction site, site safety is one of your top priorities. 

Keep reading for the importance of safety in the construction industry. 

Construction Site Safety Saves Employee Lives

Construction site safety is a matter of life and death. Each year about 1,000 people die on construction sites in work accidents. Prevention through safety measures is the key to stopping these fatalities. 

Fatalities are the worst-case scenario but construction project injuries are no joke. An injury from a slip-and-fall accident can be as small as some bruising or as devastating as a broken back. 

The number one killer on construction sites? Falling from one level to another. Following proper safety protocols reduce and even stops these types of fatalities.

Safety Protocols on Construction Sites Protect the Public

Many construction project sites are in busy areas in the middle of cities. Sometimes the only thing separating the construction site from the general public is a chain-link fence. Falling debris or objects are a serious risk for innocent bystanders passing by the site.

Are you using cranes on your job site in the middle of the city? Crane safety training is especially important! From dropped loads to electrocution, cranes pose a serious hazard when the operator doesn’t have the right safety training.

Site Safety to Reduce Costs

Injuries and fatalities mean work stoppages and investigations. That’s aside from the emotional toll on employees and families. Reducing injuries and fatalities also reduces your construction project costs. 

Workers Compensation claims increase your overhead and your total operating costs. Depending on the situation, you may end up fighting expensive lawsuits.

By keeping the project site safe, you limit the risk and reduce your costs. You’re also more likely to bring your projects in on time. 

Construction Company Credibility

Your company’s reputation is everything when it comes to getting work. If you’re known for haphazard job site safety and accidents, you won’t get the jobs. 

You’ll also have trouble getting construction contracts that require a bond beforehand. If you’re working a job after securing a bond, you’ll work under a predetermined set of standards, including safety standards. Failing to uphold these standards means you won’t get these types of jobs. 

The more credible your company, the more jobs come your way. Your reputation for safety also makes it easier to find great employees. No employee wants to work with a construction company that doesn’t take safety seriously. 

Take Construction Site Safety Seriously

Taking site safety seriously gets your employees home safely and your construction jobs finished on time with fewer problems and reduced costs. Don’t let your construction site be part of the bad statistics!

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