This Is How to Decorate a House With Family Photos

Choosing the right family photos for your home is extremely important. This guide will teach you how to decorate a house with your photos.

Americans spend around 62% of their waking life at home, so it’s important to create an inviting atmosphere where you can unwind.

A great way to personalize your home is by displaying your family photos. But there’s an etiquette to follow so that it’s stylish and aligns with the room’s decor. Perhaps you’ve been brainstorming ideas, but you’re not sure where to start. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here is how to decorate a house with family photos. 

A Pair of Portraits

Grab a foam board for each photo and place them together. You can hang these over your fireplace or home office so you work under your family’s gaze. The beauty is that it’s elegant and clutter-free, perfect if you have minimalist decor. 

Neck-Down Family Portrait 

One of the most unique decorating ideas is displaying a neck-down family portrait. It’s less traditional and quirky, which adds visual intrigue to the room. And because it’s hard to tell who it is, each member should wear an outfit that best reflects their personality. 

A Floor-to-Ceiling Display

If you’re fanatic about family photos, then create a floor-to-ceiling display. In this, full-sized images take center stage, so it’s the first thing you notice as you step into the room or ascend your staircase. Also, decide whether to keep each one in an ornate frame or without, depending on your current home decorations. 

Black and White Mixed With Color

Make a statement with your family pictures by mixing black and white photos with color. To prevent it from looking loud, print each photo with the same dimensions and create a symmetrical display. You can either hang this in the living room or next to a window.

Horizontal and Vertical Photos 

If you’re unfamiliar with decorating tips, then pair horizontal and vertical photos. It works best if you’re using picture frames of the same size. You can also create an L-shape or a large square, depending on the room. 

Small Tile Photo Collage

Another great idea is displaying a small tile photo collage. Make sure each photo is the same size and choose photos from various events, from your latest vacation to a family member’s birthday party. These work best in smaller spaces, like at the top of a staircase or a bedroom. 

Bulletin Board Photos

If you’re looking for a low-key family photo display, then use a bulletin board as the base. Use tiny pins so it doesn’t detract from each picture. Note, this works best with black and white photos. 

Know How to Decorate a House

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to decorate a house. 

There are many variations to try such as hanging a pair of portraits, a small tile photo collage, and even matching black and white with color. You can also attach photos to a bulletin board or hang a neck-down family photo for a unique take. Good luck!

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