Web Design & SEO: Everything Designers Should Be Aware of

Web Design means the design of the website for which it is created and displayed on the internet. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of improving the website to rank high on the search engines. Web design and SEO are both correlated. Both help in the design and the making of a website that optimizes search engines. The website runs flawlessly and multiplies income when it is used with justified content which is rich in SEO. The website ranks higher in the Google search engine when it is SEO friendly and also boosts the user’s experience. Ottawa SEO company gives us search engine optimization services that help the client in accomplishing higher ranks.

Principles for the success of SEO and Web Design

Web design directly affects the user experience, which is crucial for good SEO practices. All businesses should include the following principles in their SEO and web designs: 

1) Mobile Friendly – Every website needs to be designed according to the mobile. Mobile Friendliness is accomplished through responsive design. Web Design Ottawa is responsive as well as mobile friendly. Responsive design gives a perfect customer experience nonetheless which device they are using.

2) Simple design – Website design can have a huge impact on the content of the website. Users leave the site if they find too many hyperlinks, hard-to-read fonts, or too big or too small texts. And this will send the user to the competitor’s website.

3) Speed of the website design – Slow loading speed is the biggest factor by which the bounce rate increases. It is very important how fast your website loads for users. A fast-loading website insists the user remain on the site.

4) Appropriate Images –  In the design of every website, image files play a very important role. The image name and the right-size image should be considered while using the image for the site.

5) Selecting a domain name –  The domain name should be catchy and simple. 

It should also match the business and the brand name. This helps the users to put the brand name in the domain and find the website easily.

6) Meta Tags and Keywords – Limited words should be used while using the meta description. The title should be unique and attract attention apart from the keywords. 


SEO and web design are very essential for the online success of the business. If the website is perfectly designed but not optimized for SEO, then the user will not be able to find your website in the search engine. Giving value to the user helps to rank well in search engines. Therefore, it is very essential to have a website design optimized with SEO. 

One must be aware of SEO and web design because it will help the website to have every opportunity to rank high. A good website is a combined effort of a web designer and an SEO expert. Both help in developing an SEO-optimized website. To work in a better way, web designers and SEO muat have a knowledge of the commercial aspects of the websites.

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