What Are the Benefits of Apple Accidental Damage Protection or Insurance?

Because Apple gadgets are so expensive, it makes sense to invest in accidental damage protection and otherwise insurance rather than relying on the original warranty that comes with the item. With AppleCare+, for example, you can extend your one-year warranty on hardware repairs to two years of Apple-certified service and support. You’ll also get the protection of battery service coverage against two accidental damages each year, and priority technical assistance, which aren’t included in the standard warranty when you buy a new Apple gadget.

You can purchase AppleCare+ from your iPhone or call 000800 1009009 within 60 days after purchasing an iPhone. For each incident of accidental damage, you must pay a service cost of INR 2500 for screen damage as well as INR 8900 for other sorts of damage in apple service center in Vashi. If you don’t use the two incidents within a year, they will expire. However, during the next year, you will receive two additional incidents. Aside from AppleCare+, NSS Service Center, which has collaborated with Apple for this purpose, offers iPhone protection insurance.

The cost of these schemes differs according to the iPhone models they offer. You’ll be covered in the event of accidental damages like cracks, spills, and drops. You may also acquire the NSS Service Center Liquid And Accidental Damage Safety Plan to give an extra coating of protection to your iPhone or iPad. During the course of your membership, you will be able to make two claims. To summarise, accidental damage protection but rather an insurance can be beneficial if you want to save money and avoid hassle during the repair of your Apple products.

Why Choose NSS Service Center?

We offer expert assistance with your gadget. NSS Mobiles and Laptops Service Center is a well-known name in apple service center in Navi Mumbai. We provide doorstep services for all types of commercial and domestic needs involving all mobile and laptop brands accessible in India. Our storefronts across the country can be the one-stop-shop to answer your query for the best mobiles and laptops repairing shop near me in India, whether it’s a popular professional series mobiles and laptops from Apple, MacBook, HP, Dell, MSI, or economy series mobiles and laptops from Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Compaq, and other old to newly-emerging models.

  • Professional Repair
  • 6 Years Of Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Home Service Within Hour
  • Pay Online Or COD
  • Free Pick & Drop
  • Repair & Part Warranty
  • Customer Friendly Price

Our Commitment:

We offer expert assistance with your gadget.

  • Free Pickup & Drop At Home: The NSS team is working seven days a week to not only give service but also to keep their device operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed:We will provide you with 100% low-cost service and support of the highest quality. After confirming with your local repair business, you can engage us.
  • Free Diagnostics:If you are doubtful about what is wrong with your equipment, we guarantee that we will give you a free diagnostic service.


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