What Are the Different Types of Wetsuits That Divers Wear Today?

Did you know that there are 9 different types of diving? This doesn’t include the different specializations that professional divers can add to their list! 

The diving industry certainly comes with a long list of equipment that the diver is going to need from breathing apparatus to weights and then, you guessed it, wetsuits! 

Alas, there are so many types of wetsuits, a simple search may have you overwhelmed with all the options! 

It’s important to note that there are so many types because they’re not created equally and often are specially made for different purposes. 

Different Types Of Wetsuits 

As a diver, your wetsuit is probably one of the most important tools you’ll need. 

The choice of wetsuit will be largely based on the type of diving that you do, the temperature of the water, and your personal preferences.

There are two common types of wetsuits, fullsuits and spring suits, also known as shorties. Within these two categories there are variations, and within these variations you can decide on an even wider variety of features. 

The Fullsuit 

The fullsuit is true to its name by being fully-covering of the body. Basically, this type of wetsuit covers everything except the face, head, and feet. 

Usually they’re used in cool to cold water environments and range in thickness from 2mm to 5mm. 

One variation of the fullsuit is to go with a sleeveless or short-sleeved option. These are used for diving in places that are not quite as cold. 

Lastly, a hooded fullsuit adds that extra coverage for more extreme temperatures and harsher waters. 

The Springsuit 

The springsuit sits at the other end of the wetsuit spectrum. Here, you’re getting a wetsuit that has short legs and short arms. 

Springsuits also come with no sleeves or long sleeves. You can see more here

Wetsuit Accessories 

Now, it’s important to note that wetsuits aren’t the only tool in body covering for diving.

There are a ton of accessories that go with the wetsuit that you’ve chosen. Everything from boots to cover those precious toes, gloves to keep your fingers intact, and a hood, should you have gone with a fullsuit with no hood. 

The wetsuit you choose will depend on the environment that you’re going diving in, so accessories are a great way to go to colder places without having to spend on a new diving wardrobe.

Going Diving, Catch You Later! 

Now you’re completely familiar with the types of wetsuits, you should spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the features you can choose from. You can choose various wetsuit thickness, linings and seams, brands, and more. 

All these things can make a difference when you decide which wetsuit you’re taking home to meet your other diving equipment. 

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