What Should be Included on an Invoice?

Making and sending out invoices are a big part of the payment process. But what should be included on these invoices? Click here to learn more.

You’ve kept your end of the bargain and delivered your products as required. All you have to do now is create an invoice, send it and let the money stream in. Invoices are an integral part of the payment process and are the backbone of company finances.

Today, we’ll be looking at everything you need to include on an invoice to cover all the information and make the right impression.

Branding Elements

It’s important to ensure your invoice reflects your brand and business identity. We’re talking about everything from logos, colors, themes, and so on. Also, use wording in your item description that aligns with your core tenets.

For instance, if you operate a law firm, be sure to keep everything formal and professional. If you’re a fun company, it’s okay to use words that are a bit quirky. These key branding elements are also great for increasing brand awareness. 

Company Name and Address

Include your company name and address to avoid any confusion over the origin of the invoice. Piece the name and address together with your branding elements for the greatest effect.

Legal Information

Legal information is mandatory in invoices for them to be legally valid. First things first, you must include the word “invoice” on your invoice. Also, don’t forget a unique invoice number and a customer reference code.

Payment Terms

It’s also important to clarify the terms and conditions of the agreement with the customer. Some of these terms may include the time to pay and payment method. Conveniently place this information at the bottom of your invoice.

The Supply Date

The supply date is the date you deliver the products or service to the client or customer. It’s worth noting that the supply date is different from the invoice date. However, both are usually within 30 days of each other.

The Invoice Date

This indicates the date when you compiled the invoice. You can adopt any format you want as long as you include the day, month, and year. You can also include the time, but it’s mostly unnecessary.

Item Description

Describe what goods you sold to the customer in clear writing. Ensure all goods are in separate lines to avoid any mixups. Right beside the item descriptions, also include the cost of the items you supplied.

Amount Payable

This is the total amount the customer should remit to your account for the good and service. Carefully add up all the items costs to arrive at the total payable amount

Other items to include in your invoice are the VAT amount, unique invoice number, and summary description.

How to Create Your Invoice

Creating a perfect invoice should be a vital part of your business strategy. In today’s world, typing your invoice using Word is almost archaic. Instead, you can use a digital invoice maker for quick, convenient, and custom invoices.

Refine Your Payment Process With the Perfect Invoice

Take your payment process to the next level with the right invoice. Having the right invoice will make business payments a breeze and ensure the success of your business. 

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