Whiteboard Animation Beneficial for Business

Are you thinking of optimizing your websites with compelling videos? Or looking for an effective way to make employee training more interesting? Then whiteboard animation is the solution you have been looking for. 

A whiteboard animation video is a type of explainer video used to sell, describe, or express an idea or product to the audience. 

These videos effectively communicate complex business ideas to the audience. whiteboard animation enhances audience engagement and boosts the retention rate. 

Whiteboard Animation is Beneficial for Business, Why? 

Here are the reasons why you must consider whiteboard animation for your business:

  1. Explain Complex Ideas

If you want to describe a complex or highly technical product or service, whiteboard animation can simplify it for you. 

A technical explanation can bore your audience and make it harder to absorb the information. Whiteboard animation explains the critical and technical information in a digestible format that demonstrates everything and connects your audience with your objectives. 

Whether you want to sell a product or share a new business idea with your team, captivating whiteboard animation can get your point across and maintain concentration throughout the video. 

The whiteboard animation videos are usually fast-moving, visually detailed, and colorful, which is a total treat to the eyes and mind. 

  1. Cover A Lot of Ideas At Once

Similar to what we have mentioned above, a whiteboard animation video can be ideal if you want to cover multiple ideas and scads of information in a video. 

Whiteboard animation unfolds the visuals as the narrator describes the scene, which benefits you to add as many ideas as possible in your presentation. 

  1. Grab the Attention 

Whiteboard animation videos are a powerful medium for B2B marketing. It helps to through an impactful vision of a company in a corporate environment. 

It gives a significant edge over the competing businesses when you approach other companies with your products, services, and corporate offers. 

  1. No Actors Needed

Any company with any business status can easily afford whiteboard animation for its marketing. Whiteboard animation does not need actors to play in the video, making it cost-effective. 

It saves you from severe embarrassment because good actors are difficult to find and afford, and bad actors can not just destroy the video but your reputation as a company. 

  1. Social Media Marketing 

You can use whiteboard animation for your social media and YouTube marketing. You can use whiteboard animation video as a whole and as an ad. 

A whiteboard animation video ad can be adjusted in YouTube videos. It increases the chance of people watching it, liking it, clicking it, and doing what you aim to achieve. 

Over 300 billion searches are conducted on YouTube every month, and if you want to channel that traffic on your website or video, whiteboard animation can work best for you. 

  1. Tell A Story 

If you have a story to tell, whiteboard animation is what you need. Disney and other animation studios have proved that the stories can be highly effective if portrayed through animation. 

Nowadays, people look for companies who feel proud to share their struggles and stories with their audience. It helps the audience to trust the company and product better.

You can use whiteboard animation to tell your brand story to the world and mark your presence strong among the competitors. 

  1. Use Humor 

Have you seen the commercials of Red Bull? They mostly create whiteboard animated advertisements, which are more entertaining than informative. 

Animated videos with humor can do the double task for you:

  • Create engagement: drag the traffic on your video and increase the views. 
  • Increase conversion: once you have views on your video, the rate of conversion increases, and it becomes a lot easier to convert the audience to potential customers. 

You can use humor in your marketing video to connect them with your brand and boost visual engagement. 

  1. Reuse the Old Content

It is not mandatory, but if you have old content that can be reused in your new videos, use it. No content is a total waste and can fit somewhere new better than before. 

Like an old podcast, animation, audio clip, or written content, you can pair these assests with whiteboard animation, and you are good to go!

This practice can breathe a new life to your old content and enhance its reusability. 

  1. Making the Subject Intriguing 

If you aim to provide some valuable information to your audience, but it is very dull and boring, whiteboard animation can assist you. 

People quickly learn and memorize the information if it is presented visually rather than a text block. When combined with narrative, animation can help your audience grasp and remember what you’re saying.


That concludes our list of nine reasons why whiteboard animation is beneficial to businesses. Hopefully, these suggestions have sparked some new ideas for using whiteboard animation services in your next marketing campaign. 

If you need professional whiteboard animation assistance, you can always count on BuzzFlick – one of the best whiteboard animation companies in the USA. 

Not just for whiteboard animation, you can seek their help in motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation, educational videos, instructional videos, corporate videos, medical videos, product demo videos, video editing, promotional videos, app demo video, and post-production services. 


  • What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a video technique that shows static graphics created on the screen to the viewer. The pictures are usually accompanied by narration that takes the listener through the story delivered inside the drawing. These animations are simple, but they are definitely entertaining.

  • What are the best animation software? 

Now that you know about Whiteboard animation videos and their benefits for business, so, it’s time to discuss the ten top whiteboard animation software that you can use to make a compelling whiteboard animation video. 

  • Explaindio (paid)
  • MySimpleShow (free)
  • Doodly (paid)
  • VideoScribe (paid)
  • RenderForest (free)
  • PowToon (free)
  • Vyond – GoAnimate (paid)
  • Moovly (paid)
  • VideoJeeves (paid)
  • Easy-Sketch-Pro (paid)
  • Animaker (free)
  • FilmoraPro (paid)
  • Camtasia (paid)
  • What are the best whiteboard animation apps?

We have gathered the eight best whiteboard animation apps for iOS & Android users. Let’s take a look: 

  • Explain Everything (iOS & Android)
  • FlipaClip (iOS & Android)
  • Educreations (iOS)
  • Videoscribe Anywhere (iOS & Android)
  • Whiteboard (Android)
  • LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard (iOS & Android)
  • Squigl (iOS & Android)
  • Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle (Android) 

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