Why Your Body Deserves Extra Tea-Care

Besides water, tea is the most universally appreciated beverage in the world. People drink tea in practically every country to reap its health benefits. Tea originated in Asia from the Camellia Sinensis plant thousands of years ago. This aromatic beverage involves pouring boiled water into a cup of ground herbs or placing a tea bag in hot water.

The tea industry is valued at almost 20 billion dollars, and the beverage is consumed by 160 million Americans daily. Three billion cups of tea are consumed worldwide. The tea market also created many working opportunities for people, with 13 billion jobs that boosted the global economy. In addition, most doctors conclude that this nutritious beverage can be consumed frequently.

Both caffeinated and herbal teas contain potassium, magnesium, zinc, and other vital minerals the body needs. Tea has caffeine, but not as much as coffee, and that level of caffiene isn’t detrimental. Not only can someone get their vitamins from tea, but they can also alleviate stress. There are 3,000 teas with their own flavors that come from green, black, white, and yellow varieties.

Numerous studies confirm tea is good for our health. Tea is suitable for older adults because it keeps the heart strong. Tea helps children when they don’t feel well and promotes comfort. Since children and the elderly are more susceptible to diseases, tea can be consumed as a preventative measure.

Drinking antioxidant tea does wonders for the body in a more natural way than pharmaceutical drugs would. It’s safe to say that most people want to be as healthy as they can be and not have to worry about the side effects of alternative health measures. Here are reasons why drinking tea is good for everyone.

Immunity Boost

There are a few active ingredients in tea that stimulate and strengthen our body’s natural defense system. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that maintains and repairs white blood cells. Antioxidants help slow aging, fight free radical cells, and prevent heart disease and cancer. 

Fight Inflammation 

Tea also mitigates inflammation because of another type of antioxidant called catechin. Although inflammation serves a purpose when suffering from an injury, it can be painful and restrict movement. Green tea or turmeric teas ease the irritating pain of Inflammation.

Weight Management 

Obesity is a severe concern that cripples a person’s ability to partake in daily activities and shortens lifespans. L-Arginine is an amino acid in tea that speeds up the metabolism to burn fat faster. L-Arginine also helps the body build protein so, while fat burns off, muscle mass remains intact. 

Mental Health

Drinking tea will boost brain activity, such as memory, mood, and reaction time. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea and, when mixed with natural caffeine, it bypasses the blood barrier to release its effects. This amino acid elevates neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. 

Black tea is known for being good for the lungs and reducing the chance of a stroke. Oolong tea helps those with diabetes and eczema and kills bacteria in the mouth. White tea can help fight off cancer cells. Rooibos tea contains virtually no caffeine and helps strengthen bones while reducing joint pain.

Tea has many medical benefits that other beverages can’t replace or offer. Tea is as natural as a way to fight off existing medical conditions while being flavorful. There’s a reason why tea is appreciated all over the world and will continue to be moving forward. 

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