3 Things to Remember Before Using Gift Cards When Buying Steam Games

Most retailers give their customers gift cards to make shopping easier in brick-and-mortar and online varieties. You can get either of the two types of gift cards; digital, also known as e-gift cards, and physical gift cards. One of the best ways of buying your gift card is to use cryptocurrencies. Gift cards can be used in different ways, like buying steam games.

Gift cards are the best, most useful, and most convenient substitute for cash or when you want to gift someone. You can only use digital gift cards online, while physical cards are suitable for both online and stores. Therefore, you can buy steam games with either of the two types of gift cards. Before you choose to use your gift card when buying steam games, you need to have some factors at the back of your head to make the process easier.

Things to remember when using steam gift cards

Regardless of what you use when buying gift cards, it is important to remember some things before using your card to buy steam games to effectively use them—rely on the technology to make using of gift card easier. Steam offers only online services, but you can buy a Steam gift card using bitcoin or from different stores.

Keep your gift card logs

You need to treat your gift card like cash since funds can be recovered if you lose your physical card. Therefore, it is essential to keep your gift card number logs in a safer place. You will have an easier time using the cards if you constantly write the numbers down. Also, you can redeem points over the phone or online when buying steam games without the actual card.

Activation code

Always check the activation code that comes with every steam gift card. The purpose of the activation code is to put the value of the steam card into the digital wallet. Therefore, you can use the wallet balance to buy cryptocurrencies, games, in-game items, and downloadable content.

For example, the money will be added to the receiver’s wallet if you use a digital card. You need the activation code to activate the money by inputting it if you get a physical gift card.

The mail

Always check your email before and after the transaction. When you buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies to purchase steam games, you will receive an email to confirm a successful transaction. You can redeem your steam gift card with just simple steps.

Simple ways of redeeming your steam gift card

First, you need to launch a steam client to redeem your gift card on your PC. Alternatively, you can use the steam official website and follow the steps to redeem wallet codes to your wallet.

  1. Go to account details on the top right corner to your name
  2. Select “add funds to your steam wallet” under the section “store and purchase history”
  3. Click the “wallet code or redeem a steam gift card” on the next page
  4. Enter the steam wallet code at the back of your card
  5. You need to add a mailing address if it is the first time

Ways of using your gift card wallet


After loading the funds, you can use your gift cards in the steam store. When you want to buy a game using your gift card, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Add to cart the game you want to play. You will be on a page that asks if you want to buy it as a gift or for yourself. Select your option.
  • You will have an automatic payment method set to your wallet. You can choose to buy bitcoin to get the game you want or any other convenient payment method.
  • You will have to check the box to agree with the terms and conditions of steam and select purchase.

Steam stores allow the use of different currencies depending on your location. Therefore, you can buy cryptocurrencies with your gift card to get the steam game you like.

You will have difficulty adding funds to your wallet if the code is in a different currency. It is important to keep that in mind when using a gift card to buy steam games. 

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