3 Tips to Manage Your Email Like a Pro

Email is the hub of communication in business, but if you don’t have a sound management system in place, your inbox can get out of control. If you work in an office or deal with email, you’re probably aware of how quickly requests can come in. Of course, it’s easy to see why email is the preferable form of contact with your clients and customers. It’s fast, easy, and saves time that would otherwise be wasted on long phone conversations filled with miscommunication.

Even with the volume of email that inundated users, this form of communication has become a staple that isn’t going anywhere in business. Fortunately, with a few organizational tips, you can get your inbox and stress under control.

Here are three tips to help you manage your inbox like a pro:

  1. Delete & Unsubscribe

People often think they will get back to an email, only to let it sit. Before they know it, it’s buried under a mountain of new requests. This is where an email retention policy will help you manage your inbox. Set a few goals in place to manage your incoming requests efficiently.

Unsubscribe from any promotional emails you didn’t request. Delete the ones that are not related to the company and your customers. Get familiar with the delete button, and don’t be afraid to clear out what isn’t important.

Not only will this save you loads of time, but it will help prevent you from accidentally interacting with a phishing email. Hackers are always looking to trick employees into clicking a link so they can steal information. When you’re quick not to waste time on these promotional and sometimes suspicious requests, you’re protecting your company too.

  1. Sort & Organize

It’s easy to think you’ll work through requests as they come in and eventually catch up. Unfortunately, when you work this way, you’re bouncing from one topic to the next and not letting yourself get into the most efficient workflow. This is where you need a little organization so you can batch work.

Batching is grouping similar requests or work items together so you can allow your mind to focus on one type of task and get through them quicker. This eliminates the need to bounce back and forth, and you will be amazed at how this can increase your workflow.

Take time to sort through your remaining emails that are left after you’ve gotten rid of spam and non-important promotional items. Create folders and labels for the different types of requests you receive. Then take a moment to decide which folders are most important. Schedule a time to work on each of them, and only those specific requests, throughout the day. If there is an important email you can’t complete right away or that you need to get more information on, flag it. You can come back to it once you’ve got what you need.

A little sorting can go a long way, and before you know it, you’ll be blowing through your requests like a pro.

  1. Tools & Automation

Technology has leveled up a business’s efficiency. Unsurprisingly, your email can be more manageable with a bit of automation. You’re missing out if you aren’t using your email tools to your advantage. Your email should have the option to create templates, add signatures, and other tools to simplify the process.

Take time to calculate the number of requests that come in. Are many similar? Find the common requests that require you to respond and set up a template for easily managing these emails. You can free up so much time having automation tools in place.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your inbox, but fortunately, you don’t have to stay feeling that way. With the right sorting skills, organization, and automation tools, you can have your email cleared out quicker than you imagined. Use today’s technology and tools to your advantage and enjoy a cleaner inbox in no time.

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