5 Field Service Scheduling Software Features Your SMB Needs

Managing a local, let alone nationwide commercial servicing operation can be extremely overwhelming, especially when it’s the only thing you have to focus on. Imagine being able to set staff schedules and arrange day-to-day field service operations with the push of a button. Or do all your paperwork on the go, keeping track of every job in real-time and getting progress updates seamlessly from each of your technicians.

With an intelligent field service scheduling software system, your business can easily schedule and manage service calls and dispatch technicians in a busy, nonstop workflow environment. With FSM software, you will be able to simplify and manage your rescheduling process in one system. Keep track of where each field technician is at any given moment and send text messages to all of them simultaneously, straight from your smartphone.

Here are a few field service scheduling software features you need to consider having.

1/ Field Service Scheduling and Rescheduling

Field service scheduling software is a must-have for any business that relies on field technicians for service, maintenance, or installation. It streamlines the process of scheduling and rescheduling appointments, allowing your team to spend less time on the phone and more time in the field.

If you’re running a dedicated field service team, chances are, at some point, they’ll need to reschedule an appointment. Field service scheduling software should make it easy for them to do this without contacting someone in the office. You should definitely consider using the best field service management app that will let them do this directly from their phone (iPhone & Android) or tablet while working in the field.

2/ Balance Service Territories

If you have multiple job locations with technicians servicing customers, you must ensure they’re evenly divided across territories. Otherwise, some technicians will be too busy while others are left with little to do.

Without proper balance, one team could be overworked while another is underutilized. You want a solution that automatically balances territories based on data points like job volume, equipment availability, and staffing levels.

This ensures that each technician gets equal opportunities for growth without worrying about the unfair distribution of resources within the organization.

3/ Recurring Jobs Without the Recurring Paperwork

The best field service scheduling software system will allow your team to take recurring jobs out of their daily tasks without recurring paperwork. Instead, they can simply type in their customer’s information once and schedule future appointments automatically. They’ll never have to worry about forgetting another appointment again!

4/ Real-Time Status Updates

Your field service members need to know where each job is in real-time to respond quickly if there’s a change or delay. Some field service software systems even allows clients to check their status online, so they don’t need to call or email whenever they want an update on their order.

Field service scheduling software that provides real-time updates helps you stay on top of the situation when something goes wrong. For example, if your technician is delayed by traffic or a flat tire, you’ll know immediately so you can alert the customer and rework your schedule accordingly.

5/ Ease of Use by Field Service Teams

You want your technicians to be able to quickly learn how to use the FSM system and take advantage of its features as soon as possible. Consider what type of experience level your technicians have with computers and technology in general when choosing a program — something simple that doesn’t require extensive training may be better than something overly complicated that takes time away from work.

The Field Service Scheduling Software Solution to Consider

Zuper offers a simple, powerful, and affordable field service scheduling solution to your field service teams.

The field service scheduling software & FSM app provided to SMBs (and large enterprises) by Zuper allows you to assign territories to each team member. Service territory mapping helps you prevent frustrating situations with overlapping services. You need a powerful yet simple way to manage service appointments, appointments rescheduling, ongoing jobs, and other essential tasks without sacrificing efficiency and profitability. 

Get more control over your field service scheduling with Zuper and request a free demo or opt for the 14-day free trial. Your business will be glad you did. 

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