5 Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a Diesel Water Pump

Hundreds of people depend on river water for domestic use. We can also use this water for irrigating our crops. But, how do we get the water from the river to our homes or farms? A water pump is the most appropriate machine to do this task. We guide you on how to choose the best water pump.

Many technological discoveries have simplified our way of living. One such invention is the water pump. People no longer have to use buckets to fetch water from the rivers. Diesel pumps come in handy for drawing water from rivers or wells.

You may have purchased one of these machines. But, it breaks down before serving you for a month. You become very frustrated and swear never to buy another one. Worry no more. Next time you purchase a water pump, follow these guidelines for the best deal.         

1. Consider the source from where you are to pump the water 

Different types of pumps are designed to pump water from various sources. Some can pump water from a borehole. This will work differently from a pump getting water from a river. Other pumps can be submerged and work from underneath the water.

2. The amount of water discharged by the pump

If you need large quantities of water, you require a pump with a high discharge capacity. Discharge capacity is the amount of water that passes through the pump per minute. This amount is usually measured in gallons. Pumps with higher discharge capacities are more powerful and pump large quantities of water per unit time. On the other hand, a smaller pump with a lower discharge capacity can pump smaller amounts of water.

3. The price of the water pump

We all want to know what it will cost us to purchase a given item.

High pressure diesel water pump Kenya retail price is determined by:

  • The water pumps manufacturer-some brands are expensive while some are cheap.
  • The retailer-some retailers sell their products at a higher price than others.
  • Location of the retailer- a seller close to the manufacturer offers the water pump at a lower price. One taking the water pump to far-flung remote area needs to take care of transport costs hence the pump becomes more expensive.

4. The durability of the pump

A good pumping machine offers a long service time. You don’t want a pump that breaks down after serving you for a few days. A device that keeps breaking down is expensive to maintain. There is no value for money in a water pump that does not meet your desired expectations.

5. Availability of spare parts

As we have seen above, you want a water pump that serves you without breaking down now and then. However, it would be cheaper to repair your pump than replace it if the worst happens. Before you purchase, consult with the retailer to get information on the availability of spare parts. The pump should also be easy to fix.


A water pump is essential for homes, farms, schools, etc. Choosing the right pump is critical if you want value for your money. When selecting a water pump, choose one with a discharge that suits your water requirement. Purchase a durable pump. Finally, consider the price and the source of water.

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