5 Necessary Leaded Protection Wear to Keep Your Body Safe from X-ray Radiation

X-ray is among the most important tools in the field of medical science. For many years x-ray has helped save countless lives. The benefit of x-ray imaging can’t be overstated. However, it is also important to pay enough attention to the impact of x-ray radiations. Because professionals who work in radiological facilities get exposed to radiation frequently, it can cause many health issues sooner or later. So, it is not needed to mention that, for the safety of the whole body, including head, eyes, and hands, all staff who work in rad rooms should have necessary radiation protective wears.

Why are leaded wears the best?

Because they work better than other shielding methods, leaded wear with necessary lead equivalent shielding can effectively negate the x-ray radiations more than other techniques. Furthermore, as the lied shielding is a well-researched and proven technique, you can find various companies providing up-to-the-mark safety products. For example, barriertechnologies.com provides radiation shielding wears that include apron, thyroid collars, radiation-reducing gloves, leaded eyewear, and mobile barriers for optimal protection.

5 leaded radiation protection wear to keep you safe from x-ray radiation

Leaded apron

Lead aprons are used in medical facilities to protect patients and medical staff. These specially designed aprons work as a protective shield against the negative effects of ionizing radiation during x-ray imaging. Lead equivalency is the term used to describe the shielding extent of leaded products. And lead apron comes with different lead equivalencies. However, the minimum requirement for a lead apron is 0.25 mm lead equivalence to provide sufficient protection. Though lead aprons can significantly attenuate the radiation and provide sufficient protection, the overall efficiency depends on the factors like lead equivalency, the level of the x-ray energy, and the way the apron is worn.

Thyroid collar

Thyroid collars protect the thyroid glands from radiation during radiology like x-ray imaging, dental x-ray, and fluoroscopy. Protecting the thyroid gland is highly important because it is one of the sensitive body organs. Thyroid collars are combined with the leaded aprons to cover the body. While you wear a thyroid shield and a lead apron, you should keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any space left between the two. Generally, a good thyroid collar is lightweight and easy to use, and it should wrap your neck with any discomfort.

Radiation reducing gloves

These gloves work to protect your hands from the harm of radiation. During the x-ray imaging processes, generally, hands get to the closest of the x-ray beam. For that reason, a pair of high-quality radiation protection gloves are mandatory for safety. You can find many options, including bulky, lightweight, longer, or shorter, but the safety level and the ease of use are the main priorities when choosing a pair. Also, it is important that the lead gloves have flexible fingers and can provide tactile grip for comfortable long-hour use.

Leaded eyewear

If you work inside a rad room, your eyes are at high risk of being harmed by the radiation. Because eyes are way more sensitive than any other part of your body, it requires more care in all cases. The short-term effects of radiation on eyes can be irritation and dry eyes that initiate long-term damages. For example, regular exposure to radiation can damage the soft tissues and affect the iris and blood vessels. Another high risk of radiation exposure is to form cataracts in the eyes. So, there is no room to avoid the consequences, whether they are visible immediately or not. To keep your eyes out of the damage, you should always wear protective glasses.

Mobile barriers

Unlike the other radiation protective wears, this one is to wear but serves the same purpose. Mobile lead barriers are self-contained radiation protective tools that allow you to shield yourself from x-ray radiation without wearing lead clothing. The benefit of this shield is that they are large door-shaped barriers that roll on lockable wheels and can be shifted to any chosen place as required.

They have lead-filled impenetrable panes and a transparent leaded window. For monitoring, you can watch the process through the clear window while avoiding radiation from affecting your eyes or face.

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