5 Reasons to Trust your Medical Courier for Your Laboratory

You need to have a trustworthy medical courier to deliver medical supplies such as specimens, images, medical reports, and pharmaceuticals. These medical supplies are irreplaceable, lifesaving, and sensitive. When ferrying the products, proper handling is an important factor in ensuring they remain in ideal condition from when they take the items to the desired destination. 

Unluckily, some laboratories lack trust regarding their medical courier services. They always cite reasons like late deliveries, untestable specimens, a lack of chain of custody, a lack of professionalism, and a lack of visibility in the delivery information. 

Why  Work With a Medical Courier Company

Trusting a medical courier company enhances the delivery experience and lets you concentrate on assisting the patient in every aspect of your facility. Here are some of the essential features of medical delivery that will assist you in enhancing your lab’s performance. 

  • Patients always come first

Every medical delivery started in the laboratory involves a patient. Drivers are the direct link between patients and your laboratory, which is why trained professionals are required to handle all kinds of medical shipments. Working with a skilled team of experts puts your laboratory’s reputation in the best spotlight. They ensure the routine delivery of investigations and blood sample reports are handled smoothly. Similarly, emergency needs are taken care of effectively when you have a reliable medical courier company. 

  • Higher visibility in their operations

Transparency among medical service providers is needed to build trust. In the current time, the online visibility of any company is very important, and this applies to medical courier companies. They utilize modern technology to allow you to keep a closer watch on their every activity. For instance, technology conveniences such as live-tracking, sharing vehicle data, driver information, email confirmations, frequent message alerts, and instant email signature capture. This increases visibility and improves your confidence in the medical courier company. 

  • Complete security of the package 

A reliable medical courier company will assure you that all the medical shipment is insured and they’re accountable in case of unfortunate circumstances. The unique features of a medical courier assure secure and safely guarded transportation of blood samples, medical records, and specimens. These features include:

  • Validation and barcode scanning
  • Personal details verification like ID, age, and name
  • Electronic signature capture from the recipient upon the parcel arrival 
  • Instant image capture and sharing after getting to the desired destination

  • Trained and professional drivers

Another important factor that makes a medical courier company worth working with is the driver’s experience and background. The drivers hired by the courier have to obtain specific certifications such as OSHA and HIPAA and undergo a thorough background check in order to deliver pathological items. The company offers uniforms to their drivers and marks the carriers so that clients can easily recognize them. Doing these ensures that professionals represent your laboratory. 

  • Excellent customer care services

Excellent client service is a vital requirement for every laboratory to consider when hiring. Apart from taking care of the driver’s presentation and transportation in front of your customers, questions must be handled attentively and promptly. They have a team of responsive experts available 24/7 to respond to clients’ questions and solve issues fast. 

The trustworthy and reliable medical courier company

The primary function of having a professional handle the distribution, transportation, and delivery of medical supplies is to remove the tension and worries linked with these activities. Having a reliable medical courier company is beneficial in various ways, such as:

  • Transparency in their services
  • Timely performance
  • Access to data analytics
  • Practice administrator monitoring all logistic strategy
  • Route optimization techniques

Closing Thought

If you are the owner or head of a pathological company, you have many reasons to hire a reliable medical courier company. When it comes to customized and tailored services to handle all the logistic operations of your lab, you need a professional that understands your requirements accurately and goes to every length to meet them. 

If you are searching for reliability from your medical courier company, Path-Tec is your best option. Our qualified team will respond to emergency requests and re-routing issues.

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