5 Reasons Why You Need to Rent a LED Screen in NYC

LED screens are becoming a staple in events, thanks to their versatility and appeal as an advertising tool. But if you’re new to LED screen rental in New York, you’re probably unsure if you need to get one for your event.

If you think LED screens are expensive and unnecessary, these five reasons will make you reconsider. 

Why you need a LED screen rental in NYC

1. Enhance your advertising

You wouldn’t want to miss out on effective advertising during your New York event. Instead of printing static backdrops, you can use LED screens to display your branding materials. 

Not only that, you can use videos and animations to capture your audience’s imagination further. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness among your guests while using the screens for other purposes during the event. 

2. Guarantee visibility and participation 

LED screen displays remain visible outdoors even if it’s sunny. With the correct brightness setting, your LED displays can be seen hundreds of meters away.

This is crucial, especially for big events with a large number of attendees. You wouldn’t want your guests to be bored or frustrated over not knowing what’s happening on the main stage. 

Aside from that, a large LED screen will send your message across the crowd. It will keep your guests entertained and hooked to your event. 

3. Improve event experience

You can elevate your attendees’ event experience with LED screen rentals. LED displays are always a pleasure to see, especially for live performances. 

A giant LED screen will allow those at the back of the concert to enjoy the show. Meanwhile, attendees seated at the last row of a conference can still see what’s being discussed onstage. 

Overall, LED screens create a lasting impression on your guests. It’s significant for marketing events that aim to enhance a company’s branding. 

4. Save time, money, and energy 

Others think that LED screen rentals are expensive. In fact, it’s cheaper than printed displays when you factor in the ROI. 

Aside from that, you can save time and energy instead of printing and setting up static displays. A LED screen company will handle the setup and operation of the screen, so you don’t have to deal with any technicalities. 

5. Stand out from competitors!

Lastly, a LED screen will make your New York event stand out from competitors. LED displays create a strong visual statement and can be utilized in different ways. 

If you want an instant advantage over your competitors, you should book a LED screen rental for your event in New York.

Rent the best LED screen in New York

Are you looking for a reliable LED screen company? Rent For Event offers professional-quality LED screens to rent in New York. 

Our LED screens have been rented by big corporate names like CBS, BET TV, Peacock, and Netflix. Wherever you are in New York, our team will deliver the same quality service as we provide our popular clients. 

Whatever LED screen size, shape, and form, we can customize it for you. Our experts will also handle everything from delivery to breakdown – totally hassle-free.


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