5 Smart Ways to Invest in Granny Flats

Granny flats are sanctuary-like escapes for those who seek solace, a quiet place to work, read books or retreat. They are also a great real estate opportunity with promising returns. Building one’s own granny flat from your North Bay Village apartments can be highly beneficial as they can customize and design the space to meet their requirements. So, those who have some space in the backyard or a serene property in the countryside can consider consulting trusted builders for contemporary granny flat designs and then build them. They help homeowners visualise their property and provide the right plans to build the best-looking granny flats in the area.

1.Examine the Area

One of the most common mistakes people make while planning a granny flat is not considering the surrounding area, the landscape and the locality. Considering all the factors like the size of the property, the shape, slopes, gardens, sewer lines, accessibility, trees, property regulations etc., influence the flat designs. Trusted builders help develop the optimal design while considering all these factors, and they provide the best price to build it.

2.Explore Different Granny Flat Styles

The first thing that one must do is discuss and determine the style and outlook of the cottage, considering the factors like purpose, functions, locality, budget, amenities, and the environment. Cottage style granny flats come with an outdoor deck and make excellent use of the space and complement the Australian bush setting. Contemporary granny flat designs include modern exteriors, diverse colour pallets, a pool, clean interiors, minimalist designs, modern gadgets and appliances. Properties with slopes bode well with raised bush retreats and beachside granny flats overlooking scenery.

3.Keep It Compact and Comfortable

Unlike standard houses, granny flats are known for their simplistic designs and purpose. They are a compact miniature version of houses, containing the basic amenities, everyday essentials and organised space for residents to be self-sustainable. They make optimal use of the limited space and are yet breathable and open. Comfort is also an integral aspect of these flats as it has a loungy feeling that provides a relaxing environment for the elderly and others looking for a quiet getaway. Rectangular rooms with open living spaces, inclusive kitchen, bedrooms with in home hospital beds, and bathrooms ensure maximum comfort.

4.Ensure Privacy and Safety

Creative homeowners would want to design their granny flats with glass walls, glass doors, staircases and more. While these make for great aesthetics, depending on the purpose of the granny flat and who will be living there, one must ensure that the residents aren’t at risk of harm or breach of privacy. When renting the flats to tenants, it is necessary, as having transparent walls and doors might be a deterring factor. Builders can consider including blinds, curtains, shades and temporary walls to ensure enough natural light and airflow and ensure the privacy and safety of its residents.

5.Invest in Sustainable Energy

As the planet is heading towards a global climate crisis, it has become each person’s responsibility to include renewable and sustainable elements and energy sources in their newly constructed homes. Bushfires and water scarcity are commonly occurring disasters in many parts of Australia. Using renewable sources of energy to power the lighting and heating devices not only makes the homeowner responsible and pro-sustainability, but it also helps them cut down their costs in the long run. Technology has advanced enough to develop solar panels that can provide electricity to entire homes, even during power cuts and are highly durable with low maintenance.

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