5 Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Lodge for You

In a single year, American anglers took an estimated 194 million trips to enjoy fishing opportunities in new locations. That means that some anglers are taking fishing trips several times a year!

If you’re getting ready to plan your very first fishing trip, it’s beneficial to schedule your stay in a fishing lodge. A fishing lodge will provide you with everything from great amenities to lessons, guides, and gear.

The question is, how do you pick the perfect fishing lodge for your trip?

Read on for five easy-to-follow tips that will help you to reel in your options and pick the perfect fishing lodge.

  1. Consider the Types of Fishing You Enjoy

While some anglers are a jack of all trades, others are set in their ways and preferences. If you know that you only like a certain style of fishing, factor that into your search. For example, if you prefer fly fishing, make sure that you’re booking a stay at a fly fishing lodge as opposed to, say, a resort that takes guests deep sea fishing.

  1. Think About the Seasons

When do you intend to travel? This should help you to narrow down on the ideal region to visit, which will also narrow down your fishing lodge options. For example, you may have loved the mild summer temperatures in Maine, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to go ice fishing there in the winter.

Weather preferences aside, fish are migratory. Make sure that you head to a fishery when it’s in full swing, or you may have a lackluster trip.

  1. Find Out About Lodging Amenities

Do you like to rough it in a barebones cabin or are you looking for something akin to all-inclusive fishing lodges? Be honest with yourself about what allows you to enjoy a vacation the most. If that’s five-star dining and suite-style rooms, look for fishing lodges that will meet those expectations.

  1. Read Reviews

Don’t hesitate to read reviews of a fishing lodge left by previous visitors. You can learn a lot about the service provided by the staff, the quality of the lodging, and the success rate of visiting anglers by reading reviews. Remember that a few bad reviews don’t spell “disaster,” but if it’s more bad than good, keep on looking.

  1. Ask the Staff About Their Areas of Expertise

Give the fishing lodge a call before you book your stay. Ask the staff about their knowledge and expertise regarding the area, fishing techniques, and more. Ideally, you want to book your stay with people who can’t enrich your experience by providing great pointers or guidance.

Book a Stay at a Fishing Lodge That Will Deliver on Fun

Going on a few fishing vacations a year is a great way to experience new types of fishing, from ocean fishing to ice fishing and beyond. Use these tips to ensure that you book your stay with a fishing lodge that meets (and exceeds) your expectations.

Looking for more travel tips to put together your upcoming plans? Take a look around for guides, tips, and ways to save.

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