6 Fun Things to Do in Burlington VT

With a population of over 40,000 people, Burlington is the biggest city in the state of Vermont. But, what are your options for entertaining yourself when you visit the city? And why you should visit Vermont?

Well, there are dozens of options out there for you. Read on for the top fun things to do in Burlington VT.

  1. See Nature in Burlington

Vermont is well known for its beautiful foliage, that people travel from all around to see. You won’t be able to miss the beautiful natural sites when you visit the Burlington area.

Fans of outdoor activities will definitely want to make some time to go hiking or fishing around Waterfront Park. For more great views, check out North Beach Park, Oakledge Park, or Leddy Park.

Lake Champlain is one site you definitely need to take some time for when you visit Burlington. If it’s warm enough, you can get a boat and head out on the water. Or, you can simply enjoy the lake from the outside, and take a stroll around the perimeter. Plan a picnic and enjoy a day lakeside.

You can even head out to the Lake Champlain Islands. If you’re okay with going somewhere a little further out of the way, take a trip to Mount Philo State Park.

  1. Explore Church Street

If you enjoy walking around and you’re looking for things to do in Vermont, you won’t want to miss out on a stroll down Church Street. Church Street doesn’t allow cars, and is paved with red stone. If you’re looking to get some shopping done, Church Street is the place to do it. Church Street Marketplace has some of the best stores and stalls available in the city.

If you’re searching for even more places to explore, head down to South End. This is a great artistic neighborhood for those who are looking for funkier sites and sounds. The area is home to great breweries, art galleries, and so much more.

  1. Check Out The Historic Sites

Most states are chockful of amazing historical sites, and Vermont is no exception. You’ll want to take some time to learn about the history of the state when you’re planning a trip to Vermont.

The Ethan Allen Homestead Museum is one interesting museum you can check out. This museum is dedicated to the founder of the state of vermont, Ethan Allen. For a mishmash of interesting history and more, take a look at the Shelburne Museum.

Plus, there are other unusual sites you can take a look at in the Burlington Area. Take a look at the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet to see something you won’t see anywhere else.

  1. Learn More About Vermont in Burlington

History isn’t the only type of learning you can do in Vermont. If you’ll be taking kids on your visit, you’ll definitely want to check out The ECHO Science And Nature Museum. To learn more about Vermont’s natural history, head over to the University of Vermont Natural History Museum.

Fans of art should carve out some time to see the Frog Hollow Craft Center, the BCA Center, or the Fleming Museum of Art. If you’d like to see more art, you can always just walk around — there’s tons of great public art scattered about the city.

  1. Have Some Fun

Of course, Burlington offers a variety of great entertainment options. If you’re a big fan of puzzles, you’ll want to book an evening at The Great Escape Room Burlington.

Are you looking for a show? Check out one of the great comedy venues available in the city. Theater lovers will want to take in a show at the Flynn Theatre.

And, those who are nightlife fans have plenty of options in Burlington. If you’re a fan of beer, you’ll definitely need to explore some of Burlington’s wonderful breweries. Foam Brewers, Switchback Brewing, Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, and Fiddleback Brewery are just a few of the many amazing options for you to try out.

For a night on the town, head over to Downtown Burlington for hip, cool bars, live music, and so much more. Just make sure that you pace yourself, so you have plenty of energy to enjoy the rest of your visit!

  1. Eat Local Delicacies

Burlington has some amazing local treats you’ll want to try out. Of course, Vermont is the home of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so if you have a summer trip planned you won’t want to miss out on some delicious ice cream. For more sweet treats, try out a creeme (Vermont’s local name for soft-serve ice cream).

Those who are planning a visit in the fall will want to try out some of the many apple-themed foods that spring up in Vermont during this time. You can even go apple picking so that you can create your own delicious treats.

Those who prefer savory snacks will want to sample Cabot cheese when they visit Burlington. You can even try out the Canadian delicacy poutine when you’re in Vermont. If you’re not sure where to get started, you can take one of the many guided food tours available in Vermont.

Those who are looking to try out a variety of different treats can’t miss out on the Burlington Farmer’s Market for some freshly grown produce and so much more.

Things to Do in Burlington VT: Get Started

Now that you know about the most fun things to do in Burlington VT, you can start planning the perfect trip.

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