6 Reasons Why Infrared Saunas are Becoming More Popular

Infrared saunas have exploded in popularity over the past years, with everybody from professional athletes, Instagram influencers, and my next-door neighbor raving about them. Some have complained that it’s just a fad, but in reality, infrared saunas offer many health benefits that can assist in muscle recovery, detoxing, and stress relief. 

This article will examine six health benefits that infrared saunas offer that can help explain why they are becoming so popular. 

Continue reading below to find out more, and if you are convinced, you can find an infrared sauna near me and get started today.

Sweat Out Those Toxins

Infrared Saunas cause your sweat glands to go into hyperdrive, exponentially increasing the amount of sweat your body produces in a short amount of time. All the sweat helps harmful toxins leave your body, allowing infrared saunas to act like quick detox machines. If you want to restart your body and feel clean inside and out, an infrared sauna can help; you get there.

Passively Burn Calories

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas raise your inner temperature and increase your heart rate, mimicking the same reactions that would occur during cardiovascular exercise. This allows you to relax and passively burn calories, something no other spa treatment is capable of.

Boost Collagen For Glowing Skin

Infrared saunas increase collagen production in your body, and the increase in inner temperature dramatically improves blood circulation. Both these side effects cause your skin to glow after one use of an infrared sauna, giving you an angelic and relaxed complexion.

Helps Reduce Stress and Relax

Infrared saunas offer a lot of stress relief benefits. In addition to improving blood flow and releasing harmful toxins, infrared saunas can balance your cortisol levels, a critical factor in reducing stress in your life.

Boost Your Immune System

Infrared saunas improve your blood circulation, increasing white blood cells, the critical factor in circulation in your immune system. This can jump-start your immune system and help you fight off any disease. The increased body temperature from the infrared sauna mimics a fever, the body’s natural defense against infection. However, unlike a regular fever, you’ll feel refreshed after.

Increase Blood Circulation for Muscle Recovery

Increased blood circulation is the main ingredient for many of these benefits, and muscle recovery is no exception. There is a reason many people massage sore muscles because it improves blood flow to the hurt area. Increased blood flow removes waste from decaying muscles, transports oxygen and other essential building blocks to rebuild muscle fibers, and dramatically reduces inflammation in sore areas. 

Infrared Sauna Can Help You Lead a Healthier Life 

These health benefits sure sound impressive, right? And the best part is infrared saunas only have to be a small part of your health routine, as it takes less than an hour to receive all those health benefits. Infrared saunas can fit seamlessly into your workout and spa routine and help aid your muscle recovery and overall cleanliness. So if any of these benefits sound right for you, go check one out today. 

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