6 Red Area RugsStyling for Gorgeous Living Rooms

Red is the color associated with boldness. It can be blended froma soft tone to an aggressive one.  This color believes in less is more. Although it seems to be exciting, you should be careful when you set up your living area with red area rugs. Its bold essence can either destroy the look andfeel or enhance it by manifold. Red is never the most sought-after option when it comes to decorating your house, especially the entrance.

But don’t you agree, that placing red rugs in an area doesn’t only enhance your décor but also adds to the feel of a space. Red color doesn’t always disclose aggression. It is an investment to buy a high-quality area rug, and red area rugs are an incredibly classy statement for your living room. Instead of letting that rug go, check out these six gorgeous ways that will help you design your living room spectacularly using red area rugs.

Some factors need to be kept in mind when you place a red area rug that will accentuate your space.

  1. Measurements- it is of prime concern to measure the area where you want to place your rug. Since you are all set to place a red rug, it is important to understand that just an installation without properly measuring an area to keep it could seem to be improper decor. With correct sizing taken and the furnishing placed, the rug would fit into a space and will not cost heavy damage to your budget.
  2. Purpose- resolving how young your living room is to be will shape the process and the purpose of inventing a space. There is no all-purpose plan that can be counted on when you want to design a space. Yet if you can sort of some of thing things that you want to place along such vibrant rug would help you in the long run.
  • Aesthetics- when you’re designing or placing a rug, you must have thought about how you want the room to feel. Once you consider what kind of aesthetics you want to bring in for your room you will not only save resources but in addition come across many more ideas.

To make your workload easier we have enlisted six styles of the living room to adjust the red area rug.

  1. Contemporary styling: If your styled living roomlooks dull, then upgrade it with a bold area rug. Muted sofas in minimal room settings with a red-colored rug will merge all colors. Itwill uplift the whole lookand make your space look avant-garde. You can introduce accent chairs and poufs beside the rug.
  2. Opulent styling: In the imagination of one person, an opulent living room might look very different from another’s.Whatever your perspective of the room is, there are always ways to enhance the style.Using a striking red rug and an eye-catching chandelier would add an air of elegance.
  3. Vintage styling: Having a vintage living room is an ideal choice since it reflects days gone by when families spent more time together in the home. Installing a red area rug with oak furnishing will spell out a room that is both relaxing and functional.
  4. Coastal styling: A coastal design style incorporates loose and vibrant colors to create an atmosphere of a relaxed seaside. Texture-rich pieces in combination with vague and vivid hues add to this style’s folksy appearance. You can design a living room in this style by pairing a red rug with woody furnishing for an interior that would make everyone stop and stare.
  5. Mid-century styling: The characteristics of mid-century interior stylinginclude clean lines, muted tones, and vibrant colors. The combination of whites and turquoises can contribute to the look. A red rug and metallic tables can add a pop of color and can alter the mood of a room, without undergoing a complete overhaul.
  6. Traditional styling: A positive feeling of contentment is the underlying theme of traditional style. Graceful forms, and refined materials, add to the ambiance, making traditional style a very warm and welcoming choice.With an offset furnace and a rich red area rug, you can create a world of contrasts in a room.

Also, you can avail a customized red rug to meet personalized needs. A custom tufted red area rug can be affordable yet carry all the characteristics you may desire in your red rug. In addition to getting a custom tufted rug, you may also get your red rug customized for other techniques like hand-knotting, hand-loomed, and using flatweave.

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