6 Ways to Attract New Clients to Book Your Hotel For Accommodation

Are you looking for effective methods to attract more visitors and boost reservations at your hotel? There is no better way to achieve this than by providing excellent meals and services, better room reservations, competitive pricing, and promotional deals. That’s not all, though.

The difficulty of an oversaturated and competitive market is one that hotels frequently face when trying to draw in new guests. While other hoteliers provide their services, internet travel agencies advertise affordable prices, and rivals like Airbnb provide first-rate lodging.

It might be challenging to get your property to catch the attention of potential customers. You can draw in new clients by using the strategies listed below. Read on.

Teach Your Team How to Provide Top-Notch Service

The way your team acts affects how clients feel about your hotel as a whole. Some customers’ experiences can be made or broken with little effort. I suppose you wouldn’t want to return to a hotel or restaurant where a staff member was unfriendly, irritable, or unhelpful. Making sure that every employee of your hotel business gives guests an unrivaled and fantastic experience is one technique to draw in more clients.

Take Advantage of Peak Periods

Peak travel times vary depending on the hotel. The marketing department at your hotel should be aware of when reservations will be at their highest. Your busiest times of year should receive a more significant portion of your marketing spend.

It is possible to determine the frequency or slowness of hotel reservations by scrutinizing them. Utilize this knowledge to change your budget each season to fit the weather. In times of low booking, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot on marketing activities.

Uphold Top-Notch Room Services

One key tactic that you must not undercut is offering quality room services. Most likely, guests at your hotel will spend 80% of their time in their rooms. Ensure your hotel rooms have the technology you need for the most efficiency. Most visitors demand more than just standard cable TV and in-room movies. 

Please allow them to stream their preferred content and favorite shows using cutting-edge in-room solutions. Make it simple for your visitor to order food from elsewhere by offering local delivery options. You can still provide in-room exercise equipment and fitness videos if your establishment doesn’t have a gym. You can also add more storage for them by installing OPPOLIA wardrobes to allow them to keep their valuables.

Offer More Affordable Prices With Leisure Amenities

There are several reasons why people travel. While staying at your hotel, they want to receive the best care possible. Most of the time, business travelers extend their stay due to a few last-minute appointments, scheduled activities, or personal factors.

In addition to their busy schedules, stressful jobs, and jet lags, long road trips cause the body to experience stress, which makes them tired. Travelers constantly seek corporate rates with basic amenities like a stress-relieving package. These packages will assist in making their deliveries stress-free.

Target the Right Audience

What kind of hotel do you operate, and who might stay there? The clientele of a hotel next to a sandy beach will be different from that of a hotel outside of town. These individuals schedule differently and also have various allotments and expectations.

To simplify, you might want to consider segmenting or dividing your audience. To ensure you’re not wasting your time trying to market to the wrong demographic, divide your target into several campaigns. Spend time identifying your target market so that you may craft the ideal and appealing message for them at the perfect time.

Promote Your Hotel and the Area

Likely, many prospective guests have already determined that the city or town where your property is located is a great place to visit. Because of this, you shouldn’t concentrate your marketing efforts on the hotel’s features.

While promoting your spotless pool, first-rate accommodations, etc., is a great idea, it is also beneficial to encourage environmental awareness. Inform them of the unique qualities that make the city appealing, such as safety, picturesque views or side traction, and tranquility. This tactic can assist you in luring clients who are interested in those characteristics.


Customers will be eager to revisit your hotel when they receive outstanding service. Additionally, they will be anxious to tell others about their experiences, inevitably drawing more guests to the hotel. The techniques we have listed above will come in handy. You cannot, however, put all ideas into practice at once. Start with one tip after the other until they all fall in place.

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