7 Impactful Packaging Tips for Your Pre-Roll Business

Packaging is the first that the consumer comes across when looking for your product. The nicer and more attractive the packaging looks, the better the chances that the consumer will pick it up. Indeed, the pre-roll market is overflooded with numerous brands; getting noticed in such a competitive environment requires you to have a top-notch marketing plan.

Undoubtedly, pre-roll packaging plays a major part in marketing and advertising. Here we have enlisted the most effective and successful pre-roll packaging tips that will help you attract a huge customer base to your brand.

So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Have a Full-Knowledge of Your Pre-rolls

You must fully know your product to create relevant and interactive pre-roll packaging. The product knowledge includes everything from the hemp source, cannabis extraction method, product potency, variety of pre-rolls, potential effects of the pre-rolls, and any other related product development.

Primarily, your main goal is to create exclusive packaging that perfectly depicts your product’s highlighting feature. Creative and impactful pre-roll packaging relays the product’s highlighting features and useful qualities. For instance, you can use specific visual aesthetics related to the hemp plant, such as the hemp leaf, soothing green color theme, or the hemp flower’s images.

Moreover, you can make the pre-roll packaging relatable to your target audience by sharing a fun fact about the brand’s or product’s origin, etc.

Contrarily, substandard and general product packaging will not capture the consumer’s attention effectively. In short, having all the necessary information about your pre-rolls will help you create exceptionally successful and impressive product packaging.

Consider Multiple Packaging Styles for Your Product

There are a variety of pre-roll packaging options available in the market. Some of the most popular ones include pre-roll pop-top tubes, glass tubes with screw caps, custom pre-roll packaging boxes, child-resistant packaging, pouches, cigarette boxes, and custom boxes with separates.

The pre-roll packaging companies have brought numerous packaging solutions based on the user’s requirements. The most luxurious and elegant packaging solution among these popular options is the glass tubes with screw caps. The pre-roll tubes made using premium quality and flawless glass material look attractive and pleasing to hold and carry around.

Moreover, the pre-roll companies further enhance the attractiveness of the packaging by using alluring labels and stickers. Additionally, consumers love carrying custom pre-roll boxes made of high-quality cardboard. These boxes look attractive to carry, perfectly disguise the box’s content, and maintain the freshness and scent of the pre-rolls.

In a nutshell, various pre-roll packaging types are available, so have a thorough look at each type before making the final decision.

Use Pre-roll Packaging to Make a Mark in the Market

It is advisable to use the custom pre-roll packaging solution to stand out among numerous other pre-roll brands present in the market. So, use distinguishing and original pre-roll packaging that improves your brand value and product’s significance amidst similar products.

For this purpose, try using attractive and enticing designs and patterns on your packaging. These alluring prints and patterns make the product more appealing and add an element of surprise. These distinguishing prints beautifully disguise the pre-rolls and offer the consumer interesting design options.

Furthermore, making your mark in the current overflooded pre-roll market is essential to sustain the business. The custom pre-roll packaging options improve your market standing, which eventually helps you breathe and thrive in this overcrowded market.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

Using eco-friendly packaging materials is the latest and the most successful packaging trend these days. People are going with the brands that are following eco-friendly practices to run their businesses than the ones brutally exploiting natural resources. A substantial chunk of modern cannabis users use pre-rolls from eco-conscious brands regardless of the pricing.

Additionally, using environment-friendly practices and eco-friendly packaging materials reduces the brand’s involvement in increasing the carbon footprint. Thus, considering such an overwhelmingly growing hemp industry, if everyone started using eco-friendly packaging materials, it could significantly impact the environment.

The most popular eco-friendly packaging materials include hemp, paper or cardboard, glassine, glass, and recycled plastic.

Study Your Brand’s Target Audience

First, comprehensively study who your target audience is before creating the pre-roll packaging. Define the age group, ethnicity, profession, and other general to specific features of the target audience.

Make a wholesome graph or chart explaining who uses your pre-rolls the most. This research will help you create effective and targeted pre-roll packaging solutions that will entice the target audience to choose your brand. 

Use Social Media Platforms

Try maximizing the brand’s following on the most popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. For proper social media marketing, you can hire social media influencers. These influencers will help you successfully target your audience.

Send the influencers PR packages and post unboxing videos on your social media pages. Indeed, social media marketing is the surest way to attract cannabis consumers.

Choose A Reliable Packaging Company

Last but not the least, it is crucial for the production of premium packaging solutions to choose a trustworthy packaging company. The exponential increase in cannabis has positively impacted numerous industries, including the packaging industry.

Nowadays, you may come across multiple packaging companies seemingly offering great services. However, when many reliable packaging companies are available in the market, there is quite a high chance of getting in touch with a fraudulent or unreliable company.

Therefore, it is critical to roam around the market, ask a couple of retailers, do thorough research, and then pick the top packaging companies. Then, thoroughly analyze these companies’ significant features to choose the best one.

These important features to consider in the best pre-roll packaging company include reliability, punctuality, availability of affordable packages, ease of customization, and fast turnaround.

In Conclusion

There you go! We assure you that using these pre-roll packaging tips will help you make a mark in the market, gain new customers and boost the business’s sales.

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