7 Reasons to Avoid In-Store Shopping During This Holiday Seasons and Buy Your Food Online

Shopping is a time-consuming yet important process for every family. Grocery shopping comes with its challenges – parking, shopping carts, and pushing trolleys, handing over children and other family members, meeting crowds at the billing counter, and so on. All of these problems are the reason why online grocery shopping is the preferred route for so many customers. Postmates recognized the need for on-demand services long before the onset of Covid19 and has been a pioneer in this market segment. Delivering groceries and restaurant across the United States early on has given Postmasters an understanding of shoppers’ requirements and concerns.

Here are 7 reasons to avoid in-store shopping during this holiday season:

1- Sheer convenience

Think of the sheer amount of effort you need to take to get to the grocery store. You have to get ready, drive a considerable distance, find parking, get the trolleys, go from the aisle to the aisle, stand in line at the checkout counter, lug the trolleys back to the car, pack your groceries, drive back, remove the grocery stores from the boot, and then put them away. Just looking at the list of items you’re going to go shopping is tiring! With online shopping, this whole process is reduced to a simple step, receiving them and packing them away. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit. You do have to make a list and pick the items you want to put in your cart from the website, but everything else is excluded because someone else does it for you. You can order your grocery stores in your pyjamas and bring them to your house with minimum effort

2- Multiple payment methods

Grocery shopping includes cards cash and coupons. The same applies to online shopping too, so you can also make a bank transfer or pay cash on delivery. This is particularly useful when you are not pleased with the product or have not obtained what you wanted. You can change your payment accordingly.

3- Returns are super simple

Imagine you pick up something from the grocery store, only to find out, when you come home, that that was not what you had in mind. You’ll need to make the whole trip back, with your receipt to make an exchange. With online grocery shopping, you can give back what you don’t need or are unhappy with to the delivery person and the amount will be adjusted in your store credit or your bank account at no extra cost.

4- Less impulse shopping

Have you seen the tempting stuff by the checkout counter? Magazines, drinks, candy, batteries, hair grips, etc. They end up in your basket more often than not. The thought process behind the temptations begins long before you get to the checkout. All those aisles filled with so many items that you suddenly need to have at once. Before you know it, instead of buying the milk and bread you intended on getting, you have gone long way from the original list with which you came to the shop. With online grocery shopping, impulse purchases are largely eliminated. You should stick to the list and save the big one.

5- Big savings

Speaking of saving high, online grocery stores deliver discounts and deals pretty much every day. For instance, by using Slickdeals and looking for Postmates Coupons you can even save more, Also, download the Getir mobile app to take advantage of all Getir promo codes. Some sales and deals are offering as much as 40% off your shopping bill making the cost of the goods a lot cheaper relative to other brands. This makes a lot of savings.

6- Keeping track is easy

Unsure if you’ve been buying a health drink in the last month? Or the lentils for the casserole that you have in mind? Don’t go hunting for a list for past purchase behaviour. The app stores your spending information, including previously purchased items, and acts as a ready-to-use accountant. From what products were purchased to what quantity they were purchased in the app will help you remain systematic and coordinated.

7- No queuing or parking hassles  

Shopping online means no queuing at the checkout counter, no parking hassles when you look for space in the shopping centre car park and no fighting crowds’ in-store if you have to shop at peak hours.

Over the last 10 years, consumers have undergone a significant mind shift in regards to online shopping, and the trend has intensified with recent pandemic lockdowns. Customers now prioritize convenience over costs, and they are willing to pay extra for home delivery. Ordering online has become a fast and convenient way to buy.
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