7 Tips for Improving Your Self Confidence

Picture this – you’re in a social situation and would like to add to the conversation. But something’s holding you back, and the topic begins to move on without you.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Whether it’s because you feel unworthy or worry you might look dumb, we’ve all been unsure of ourselves at some point.

While it may take time, you can learn to have more faith in yourself by fostering the proper habits and attitudes. Once you build up your self-confidence, you’ll find it easier to make decisions, handle more demanding challenges, and have a voice in discussions.

So, we hope these tips below can have a positive difference on how you carry yourself moving forward.

  1. Be okay with making mistakes

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. You’re not always going to get it right the first time (that’s okay!). What matters is that you learn from them – reflect on where you’ve gone wrong and use it as a chance to grow and develop as a person.

The fear of failing is what holds us back from trying new experiences. However, once you start treating mistakes as a simple part of life, you’ll soon realise how many opportunities will rise to the surface.

  1. Improve your posture

Apart from being a literal pain in the neck, bad posture can influence how you perceive yourself and are perceived by the people around you.

It might be a placebo, but keeping good posture throughout the day can help to improve your mood and attitude. So, whether you’re walking around the block, sitting at your desk or waiting in line, remember to “stand tall” and get that little confidence boost.

  1. Set achievable goals

Setting goals for yourself is essential and helps instil a sense of productivity in your daily life. Making yourself a to-do list can garner a sense of accomplishment and further confidence in your ability to complete tasks.

The goals you set don’t have to be big – they can be as simple as getting 15 minutes of exercise a day, calling up a loved one, or practising a new skill.

Remember, not even the best daily goal planner can help if you don’t put in the effort. Hold on to that feeling of productivity every time you complete a task, and you’ll find that even long-term goals will swiftly pass you by.

  1. Have a schedule

Suppose you happen to be the disorganised type or need direction. In that case, you can look into getting yourself a daily planner for 2022. Some may see schedules and planners as restrictive, but it’s a great way to manage and utilise your time.

Even a rough schedule can help you take the initiative in your day-to-day task, thereby improving your performance and productivity.

  1. Take time to reflect

One of the best ways to instil confidence in yourself is by looking back to see how far you’ve come. 

Spend time journaling and writing down the progress you’ve made in your endeavours. Think about what you’re grateful for in life, and be aware of the achievements you’ve managed in the time that you’ve had.

Now more than ever, we have the time to reflect on such things.

  1. Exercise and eat healthy

We all know that working out is exhausting, and it’s hard to find motivation when we have more pressing responsibilities.

But apart from keeping your body in shape, regular exercise can empower you to feel more positive about your life. So even if you’re not having the best of days, as long as you manage to get some exercise done, you’ve taken steps to improve yourself.

Healthy food choices are also as equally important as regular exercise. While the occasional pint of ice cream is fine, having a balanced diet can benefit your physical and mental wellbeing.

  1. Have a hobby that makes you happy

Life’s not all about doing well at school or paying the bills – picking up a hobby can help immensely with your mood and confidence. Getting good at something new is a great mood booster, and gaining confidence in one aspect of your life can help boost your confidence in other matters. 

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