8 Essential Features To Look For In An Outside Storage Facility

If you have ever tried to store items inside your home, you know they tend to get messy, dirty, and unattractive over time. Choosing the right storage facility for your needs can be quite challenging. Storage facilities come in various sizes and shapes for small to large spaces. They also vary in price depending on size.

Storage facilities have also embraced technology advancements in this digital age by incorporating security and easy-access features. In addition, some allow automation to improve efficiency and allow you to focus on other things.

You should take time to choose the perfect storage facility for your needs. Therefore, when looking for an outside storage facility, consider these features.

1. Climate Control

The ideal outside storage facility should provide climate control by ensuring the temperature inside the unit remains constant throughout the year. This prevents metal items from rusting, wood furniture from warping, and protects documents and books from damage.

2. Security Features

Even with low pricing, your outside storage facility should never compromise security. It should have security features like 24/7 access, adequate indoor and outdoor lighting, individual unit doors and locks, alarms, and surveillance cameras. It should also not be easy to break into, like the traditional storage facilities. Ideally, it should have a secure lockbox not reachable from bolt cutters. In addition, the unit should be made from heavy-duty steel to enhance security. Also, ensure it has all systems in place to protect life and property in case of a fire.

3. Insurance Coverage

Get an outside storage facility with insurance coverage to ensure the protection of your items in the event of natural disasters like floods or fire.

4. Accessible Location

Your outdoor storage facility should be easily accessible to everyone all year round. This means the roads should be passable, and security is topnotch whether you access the unit at night or during the day. 

5. A Size that Meets your Needs

The perfect outside storage facility should be large or small enough for all your items. In addition, it should provide secure storage for vehicles and boats when not in use. This feature is an easy and affordable way to store your cars.

6. Affordable Pricing

The ideal outside storage facility should have affordable rates to help you save money. It should allow you to move and store items without stretching your budget.

7. Airtight Storage

Your outside storage facility should be airtight to prevent dust, rodents, and water from getting inside. For instance, if you use a traditional outside storage facility with roll-up doors, the door may not seal when closed, letting outside elements into the unit. So, you need an airtight unit to keep unwanted elements from damaging your items.

8. Good Customer Service

The ideal outside storage facility should have quality customer service. It should have attendants ready to answer your questions respectfully and satisfactorily. The staff should also be available and well-equipped to take you through the process.


Finding the right storage for your belongings can take hours or weeks, cost thousands of dollars, and should never be done haphazardly. However, once you find an outside storage facility with these essential features, you can relax knowing that your belongings are safe and accessible whenever you want.

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