8 Reasons Why Esports Gambling Is Growing So Fast

Online gaming has been popular for a very long time. But nowadays online video games are progressively boosting than before. 2020 was a very big year for Esports as many world championships took place.

Due to this pandemic, people are usually stuck at their homes, so most of them play all day improving day by day to compete in such tournaments to win big prize pools. People are normally not aware of this but when they get to know about it, they get amazed and shocked because of how popular and life-changing it is.

Due to the popularity of these big online tournaments, people are starting to make big and excellent bets. This is done globally through the internet. There are websites like thedailysaint.com which will help you discover popular games so you can make a bet on them.

Nowadays, esports gaming is done quite a lot than usual as many big games like League of legends are hosting big tournaments with huge prize pools. Many people have won millions by betting on different teams who play these championships.

It’s known to be one of the easiest ways of making big money but it can be very risky sometimes as if the team you gambled on loses, you’ll lose all your money too.

Esports are only going to get larger and larger. As the population increases, so will the need to watch and play games.

Here are some valid reasons why Esports gambling is growing so fast;

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1. Variety of games to bet on
The number of games out there is insane, you’ll have so much variety when it comes to betting on online games. Even if you want to bet with a small amount, there are many esports games that are affordable and easy to win.

You will have a number of games and opportunities to choose from. Games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are the most prominent video games out there.

The people who make the games themselves will definitely have a higher chance of winning the bets as they will have more knowledge of who’s a team. But, playing a game can also give you the ability to determine a better team but this requires you to actually learn the game which can take hours of gameplay.

2. Largest market and growth
The largest and fastest existing market is in China. The growth of video games there is absolutely crazy. Video game streaming on Twitch.TV is also very popular there. People use this app called Twitch.TV to watch other pro players and learn from them.

Over these past 3 years, China has been very huge in these types of things. Anyone who is looking to invest in players should look in China as it probably has the best possible players out in it.

Gaming companies in China like Tencent and Huya are very popular so, people should consider investing in them.

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3. Very little research needed
When it comes to Esports, there is not much research you’ll have to before betting on some company or a team.

But, people who win more frequently tend to do detailed research studies before investing, but that is only if you actually enjoy watching the game you’ve invested in.

But, if you know nothing about a game you’re trying to invest in then you should maybe do a little research on it so you get to know how the game actually works and who has more chances of winning it.

4. Betting on game cosmetics
Online betting on game cosmetics in CSGO and Dota 2 are very popular. Skins can be earned through playing but people can also use real money to buy them, but CSGO skins are usually very expensive which players trade-in to get other skins.

But you can also make bets on these types of cosmetics as if you win them, you can sell them further to get extra cash.

This is another way of earning a big amount of extra cash as they are usually worth more than a thousand dollars.

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5. Fast-paced games
Usually you have to wait for the end result to see how won but, esports online games are much fast-paced and you won’t have to wait for that much.

In games like League of Legends, you actually tell who will win by analyzing the game mid-way as if one team is far ahead with gold, the opponent team won’t have a chance of winning unless they outplay them somehow.

You won’t have to wait days to get the results of the game as you obviously don’t want to wait because of the money you’ve invested. You want to know the results of the game as quickly as possible to see if you’ve won the bet or not.

6. Similar games exist online
For example if you’ve already placed a bet on football, you call also view an online football version which is called FIFA. People are usually very good at this game as it’s similar to real-life football.

And who knows maybe you find it more entertaining than real-life football. However, there are games like League of Legends that don’t really have a similar real-life game.

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7. Safe betting
You have to know this one thing which is that favourite doesn’t always win, don’t just stick to one team or a company. The fewer selections you make, the better chances you will have to win the bet.

You will have to consider making bets in the less obvious markets and also make sure you understand them.

Don’t just bet with your heart, know the game and see who got better odds of winning the game. You can analyze by seeing the number of good players a team has, the better the players, the better chance that team will have of winning the tournament.

8. Esports is never-ending
As we can see, the esports industry is only growing and getting larger day by day. Thousands of players join the online gaming industry every day with the motive of winning something big with their amazing skills.

There are gaming academies forming in countries like Japan where they train newbies and turn them into professional video game players which they can make a living out of.

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