A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide on Maize Sheller Machines

The 21st century is a period in which computing knowledge predominates, failing to acknowledge the ease brought due by farm machinery is highly detrimental. Without a doubt, using innovative post-production methods by farmers is the best strategy to increase the quality and quantity of produce. This article explains more about machinery called maize shellers.

The harvest time involving intensive labor techniques is currently receiving significant upheavals. A lot of appreciation to technologists for their continued innovations. Manual activities are presently being made more straightforward by designing more machines meant to ease the farmer’s work.

In case you generally till maize, I’m sure you’re aware of how tedious the process of shelling maize by manual means is during the harvesting time. This process is initiated by acquiring the best maize sheller machine. This article will inform you about these machines.

  1. What are Maize Sheller Machines?

Reducing post-harvest costs for small-scale farmers is a big issue in Kenya. Maize is the staple food in Kenya. Implementing technological innovations to save farmers from high post-harvest stipends is an important idea – maize shellers aid in saving costs, reducing labor, and improving product quality.

Nevertheless, those unfamiliar with farm machinery might wonder what a maize sheller is. Maize shellers are farm machinery meant to shell maize kernels from the cobs. Maybe you have seen this machine or its picture elsewhere, and you were astonished at how the equipment can be applied on your farm during the post-harvest period.

Many farmers opt for maize shellers due to their fast operations, little human effort, and several other factors. Indeed, this machinery provides a healthy and gives out low dust.

  1. Price of a Maize Sheller

Agribusiness containing the correct machinery and technological knowledge is very lucrative in Kenya. To realize positive returns and good profit as a farmer, you need to minimize such costs. The primary determiner of this is the purchasing cost, practical, functional, and affordable maize sheller.

You must carry out prior research on the price of the best maize shellers in Kenya just before you make your capital. In the process, make sure that your farm enterprise must make sense to you. The machine you go for must be easy to manage interns of practicability.

Although farmers need advanced machines to ease their work, a simple device to move around and operate is the best choice. A portable appliance is better.

A better machine should allow the power from the electric motor or petrol engine to be transmitted to the drum shaft using the belt connection and pulley. It facilitates the process of shelling. In contact with that, a generator-driven or electric model can be a better option for a farmer.

Averagely, a maize sheller machine price in Kenya is relatively pocket-friendly. The cost will vary either higher or lower than the above-stated figure depending on the extra functionalists of the machine.

  1. The Working Principle of a Maize Sheller

Does the working principle of a maize sheller machine make you wonder? Naturally, its core function is to separate maize grains from the cobs. Maize gets into the engine through the inlet. Once inside, a motor rotating at high speed impacts it, thus actualizing the separation. After that, a maize cob is pushed out from the machine through its rear end.

  1. What is the Shelling of Maize?

It is a post-harvesting process that involves separating the grains from their cobs. This separation is facilitated using either petrol or electric driven machines. However, the process of using devices leaves the farmer with both advantages and disadvantages.

In summary, many farmers opt for maize shellers due to their fast operation, little human input, and several other factors. They are widely used in farm machinery due to their simplified application techniques. Procure your equipment and enjoy excellent performance.

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