A Guide to Choosing the Right Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Range hoods are a kitchen essential that makes sure that your kitchen remains clean, fresh, and pleasurable to work in. With their powerful fan systems, range hoods pull the air around them through filters or ducts and send it out. Contamination from smoke, heat, and microscopic food particles is prevented in the kitchen through this air filter system. 

On top of keeping your kitchen clean, range hoods also provide more lighting options for your kitchen and reduce the risk associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. There is also an increased property value with having a range hood, which means you will always win out by selling at a higher price. 

The trick is always in identifying the right range hood for your kitchen needs. It might seem like a complex process, but with these few simple steps, you can be able to make the best decision for your kitchen. 

Factors to consider when choosing a range hood:


The cost of range hoods can vary from 2,500$ to 5,000$ depending on how elaborate the installation is and the type of hood that has been picked. Large hoods and those with extra features on them will typically cost more than simple smaller range hoods. Island and Wall hoods are among the more expensive range of hoods with under cabinet vent hoods being in the most affordable range. Hoods with ducts that vent the air outside cost more because the installation process is more complex. Range hoods from CopperSmith provide the widest range of prices without compromising on style. 


The size of range hoods is dependent on the surface areas of your cooktops. This makes sure that the smoke and food particles around your kitchen drift up and get caught in the hood.  There are two major range hood layouts: a wall unit or an island unit wall units can be installed to fit the size of your range while island hoods are recommended to be 6 inches wider to give a canopy effect on your island. CopperSmith allows for the customization of different designs easily to fit into your kitchen design. 

Power considerations:

 The effectiveness of a range hood is determined by the power it possesses and in instances where heavy cooking and frying is done the best vent hood is the one that offers a high amount of power. Each vent hood will have specifications of the measure of the power to be expected in cubic feet per minute (CFMs). The recommended CFM is 100 CFM per linear foot of range for range hoods that are installed against walls and 150 CFM for island vent hoods. 


The style choice is dependent on whether you want to add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. There are plenty of pleasing designs to choose from that will have you feeling awed every time you and your guests step into your kitchen. CopperSmith offers a wide variety of hoods to choose from to suit your kitchen needs by adding a vintage or modern look to it. These styles vary from color to material considerations. 

 Insert hoods can also be customized to suit individual needs by working with different designers and contractors.  For those who seek to have a range hood that stays out of sight when not in use, downdraft hoods can be a good choice as they are connected to ducts that are beneath the flow so that all the smoke and air is produced in a downward direction.


Choices for materials can range widely to offer a wide variety for different users. Copper materials create an elegant design for the kitchen and act as a centerpiece that you can always be proud of.  Stainless steel hoods are best known for lasting the longest and being easier to maintain because of the glistening surface it has.  

Minimalistic kitchen designs can use glass range hoods because of how sleek and elegant they look without taking up too much space. Zinc is considered material because of its silvery coloration which at times can blend in with other kitchen appliances. Bronze is a more expensive material because it is highly resistant to metal fatigue and corrosion.  The final material that can be used is a high-quality wood that ensures the durability of your range hood.  


A range hood is a great addition to a kitchen space that is best done with consideration to your particular needs in the kitchen. With the right range hood, it is possible to keep your kitchen fresh while motivating yourself to use it more because of how pleasing it will be to your eye. 

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