A Travel Guide to Offer Seamless Travel Booking Experience to Your Customers

You must have frequently heard of the following phrase, ‘Customer is king’. Do you believe in this statement? If not, just go back and check how many times you have given a one-star rating to a particular food outlet or the Uber driver if you were left unsatisfied with their service? Such ratings matter a lot for a service provider and most ventures pay money to gain positive reviews.

But the pain point here is why invest money on fake reviews and land your business in muddy waters? On the contrary, you can invest the same money into purchasing a travel booking software for your travel company and improve customer experience altogether.

After all, what does young millennials and Gen Zs expect from a travel booking company like yours? Travel agencies, travel booking engine companies and, for that matter, every single service provider has to fully recognize and understand their end buyers before entering the market.

Who Are Your Customers?

The millennials are the dominant group to rule the market today, who are bigger than the baby boomers and the coming Generation Zs. You can get surprisingly good results with sharing tips like these on your TikTok account as you can find your target audience there. For instant results buy tiktok likes.

Recent study shows that 25% of millennials expect a response within 10 minutes after connecting with customer service via any social media platform. Again, 71% of online shoppers expect a brand to value their time.

Another study by Goldman Sachs shows that 57% of millennials will compare prices in-store before making a purchase decision.

The app-savvy and tech-savvy new millennials have the ability to reshape the retail space. They have product information, reviews, and price-comparison lists right on their fingertips. Technology has made it possible for them. They are turning to brands that offer them fast and convenient self-service at the lowest rates.

It is imperative for the travel brands to study this nature before purchasing an online travel booking system for their website. And, B2B and B2B2C travel portal development companies have to design their software keeping in mind the expectations of the dominant millennials and the growing Gen Zs.

Now, the next significant question here is how you can design the best possible tour experience for your customers from start to finish? The following points might guide you through the right path to success.

Deliver Hassle-Free Tour Experience in Five Simple Ways

Just remember!66% of customers are said to quit a service provider, like tour operators, mainly due to poor service. What can be scarier than that for a travel booking company? In today’s time, using technology to appease the millennials is the right thing to do. Investing in software for travel booking or hiring an online travel agency software developer can be the answer to offering fast and improved customer service.

After all, customer experience management is important, especially when you are a travel agency whose sole purpose is to create experiences and help build memories for travellers. But, customer experience management is a business science and customers are whimsical.

Paul Greenberg, the best-selling author of the book titled, ‘CRM at the Speed Light’, has portrayed a customer aptly in his words –

If a customer likes you and continues to like you, they will do business with you. If they don’t, they won’t.

But, your business cannot hang onto that 50-50 chance, right? So, staying abreast with the changing market is the best and only solution for travel and tourism companies to offer hassle-free travel experience to the wanderers.

Here are five ways to redesign your business strategy for an improved customer experience –

  1. Give Customers Tour Website and App Experience

The whole world has shifted online, where are you? In the digitally-active environment, if you happen to stay offline then you are nothing but a misfit. It is totally agreed, having a strong social media presence may be distracting the younger generation but for your business, this is the only way to grab your customers.

Travellers prefer planning their vacation online to cut down the unnecessary waste of time and money. But, creating a travel website may not be the only solution to your problem. Your travel website must align with that of your customers’ expectations. And, they are just a few –

Mobile-friendly website

Informative and engaging content

Render quick services like quick loading images

Easy-to-use features

Minimal customer information needed

If your website does not allow this, then maybe it is time to call a travel agency website developer for help. Also, maintaining a mobile application side-by-side will help you to check customer churn rate from your travel website which is not mobile-friendly.

  1. Grow With Technology

Now, modern technology strives for easing out the lives of both service-providers and service-takers. And, the same technology ensures a fast and hassle-free experience to the users.

Services like flight bookings, hotel reservations, and planning the other travel itineraries used to be quite a headache for visitors before digitalization entered our lives.

But, today that option is available with the travel agents to simplify the travel booking experience of the users. If your service is consuming a lot of time for the users, then your business is in serious danger.

Hiring a travel booking software developer may be the ideal solution to rescue your brand from such a situation.

  1. Innovate and Change

Now, modern technology is not about easing out your customer’s life but also to provide an immersive travel escapade before they embark on their journey.

Augmented and Virtual Reality technology promises an outstanding experience which the new age travel brands are fast adapting to please their customers.

These two terms require no caption or introduction. Arranging for virtual tours gives the visitors a glimpse into what they can expect from their chosen destinations. On the other hand, real-time AR-based navigation facilitates users in locating their destination by simply pointing the mobile camera on the road.

You can check for a living example of VR technology in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Such features work well on a mobile application – it is time for your travel business to go Mobile!

  1. Safe and Secured Payment Experience

Any e-commerce business will not survive if a secured payment gateway is not provided to enable easy online transactions. Gone are the days when standing in the queue outside the ATM was a daily necessity. Internet banking and most importantly e-wallets have replaced the need to take out cash when needed.

But internet banking involves a certain amount of risk, thereby deterring customers from sharing their bank details online. Customers require the assurance that their money is safe. So, focusing on creating a multitasking website and acquiring the best travel booking software does not guarantee 100% customer acquisition.

Your travel site must have a trustworthy payment gateway integration that permits safe payment in different currencies, as well as offering other payment options like credit card, debit card or internet banking to accommodate multiple customers’ multiple wishes.

  1. Strive For Authentic Reviews

Travellers prefer reading reviews before planning out their vacation and making reservations. In fact, the internet has made consumers highly knowledgeable by equipping them with real-time

 information and user reviews. Purchase decisions are mostly made after checking user reviews online, whether it is for a food outlet or a travel agent.

So the success mantra here is – better the reviews, higher the chances of gaining new bookings. But, removing negative ratings and keeping the positive ones only can backfire. Customers will get suspicious of only positive reviews, considering the fact that companies pay for good reviews is news already.

Instead, you can respond to the negative reviewers and try addressing their issues or apologizing for your mistakes. Such gestures will restore their faith in your brand.

Customer is King, Treat Them like King!

The best way to maintain loyal customers is to make them happy and provide services that align with their expectations. As mentioned earlier, fast and hassle-free travel booking is something they expect from a travel brand. Investing in a fitting travel booking engine will definitely match their needs. And, the rest of the tips mentioned in the article will further help you in enhancing the overall customer experience while planning their vacations with you and giving you five-star ratings at the end.

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