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For Offices Use

The office is one of the spaces in which LED lighting is essential. Why? Because it is a place where light plays an important role, as it helps employees to work comfortably. The human body responds in different ways to different shades of light. Therefore, according to the activity of the company, we can select the appropriate tone to facilitate daily tasks.

Thinking of switching to LED lighting?

Know some advantages of this system in offices!

One thing to keep in mind! Strategic use of tone coloring can predispose employees and customers to act in a certain way. A cool white light at a claims counter can unconsciously invite customers and employees to wage war. The same scenario but with a warm and dim light would suggest comfort and relaxation, ideal sensations to avoid conflicts.

Gyms and sports centers

Precisely when training or exercising, the type of lighting for gyms is key because it influences people’s concentration and activity. Therefore, cool white LED lights are ideal for stimulating and encouraging activity. They make the person more alert and focused.

What is the perfect lighting level for gyms and sports centers?

Warm Yellow River llighting are better for creating relaxing and resting environments, essential for when people need a break between exercise and exercise. Or for meditation or yoga spaces. It is also necessary to ensure that the luminaires have a diffuse surface since in a gym you spend a lot of time lying on your back looking at the ceiling and very intense light can be very annoying for the clients. In gyms and sports centers, the lighting must be homogeneous, uniform, and without shadows. Also in the swimming pools, although in these last cases it is necessary to check if the reflectors will be protected against humidity.

Commercial premises

The window is the letter of introduction of businesses because it reflects the style of the premises. She is considered the number one salesperson, but her message has to be understood by the customer in a very short time. At this moment, light is key to communicating, since it generates sensations, perceptions and visually transmits the commercial proposal. Did you know that the windows of commercial premises determine 70% of visits to the interior of the establishment? Hence the importance of lighting. Light is essential because it helps products stand out. However, if the lighting is not correct, it can often distort the textures and colors, that is, what we want to show and thus the message that we want to give. This will affect sales. We must also avoid blinding potential customers.

Tips for lighting shop windows with LED lights


The hybrid moving head light for hotels is important to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, but at the same time, it is a fixed expense that needs to be reduced to meet increases in electricity rates. With LED lights you can welcome and serve each client that enters your hotel and, at the same time, save energy. Although they are more expensive, the price pays off because they last up to 20 times longer than incandescent lamps or 15 times longer than halogen lamps. In this way, they help save against the high cost of the electricity rate. With the different LED luminaires (lamps, panels, reflectors, , and tubes) the lighting possibilities for hotels are diverse.


How to set and decorate spaces with LED lights

For a few years, the world of lighting has changed thanks to LED technology that offers multiple uses in decorating spaces. Every day we see them more, both as the main lighting and used as a decorative resource that helps us create unthinkable effects.

LEDs offer a wide range of colors from the warmest to the coldest, although the most commonly used lights are white. We can also find them with different light opening angles depending on the effect we are looking for. In addition, their small size makes them very easy to hide and also to place and change when necessary. This leads to the development of new lamps with built-in LEDs that are much smaller, slimmer, with surprising and original shapes.

Power supply font types

In LED lighting, unlike what happens with fluorescent or incandescent lighting, the luminaires are not connected directly to the electric current, but rather through a driver/source that is responsible for transforming the voltage, adapting it to the needs. of the luminaire. The LED light is generated with direct current drivers (350mA, 700mA, or 1A) or with constant voltage drivers (10V, 12V, or 24V).

DC drivers fix the system electricity and modify the voltage depending on the load of the LED. Constant voltage drivers require fixed voltage and LED light loads are added in parallel across the entire driver flux until the maximum luminous flux is reached.

Installation process how to install an LED light?

Recognition of space

The first thing to consider is the place where you will install the LED light. You need to measure the surface to calculate the cut. For example, if the surface has a length of 93 centimeters, you can cut a section of 90 or 95 (remember that the cuts must be multiples of 5 centimeters!).

Strip cutting

Cut the strip along the dotted line marked every 5 centimeters. You can use any scissors. Attention: in case of cutting the strip outside the 5-centimeter cutting line, the cut section will not work and cannot be reused. Also keep in mind that cutting, as well as power supplies and controllers, are not usually covered under warranty.

Transformer Preparation

When the length of the LED light is known, the transformer needed to power it can be calculated. In general, the go-to 12V and the transformer allow them to be plugged into the 220V socket. The transformer must always be 12V, and we recommend those that are switching source type, which resists voltage changes.

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